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  • n. Etiquette practiced or advocated in electronic communication over a computer network.

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  • n. Conduct while online that is appropriate and courteous to other Internet users.


from The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, 4th Edition

(Inter)net + (et)iquette.

from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

Blend of Net and etiquette


  • But for almost any other reporter or editor, the numbers are so much smaller, you can immediately get noticed by following them they might even follow you back in a show of "netiquette", retweeting their posts, or commenting on their blogs.

    Dorie Clark: 5 Steps to Getting Quoted in the Media

  • With religious attendance in decline, Generation Y must discover a new source of morality that can help them reason through modern challenges like the worth of the ever-expanding War on Terror and the rules of "netiquette".

    Anna Kelner: The Problem with Gen Y and Its Search for Answers in Harry

  • Which is 'netiquette' or 'Acronymic Computer Lingo' for Oh My God! I am cumming!

    Erica Watson: BCC: Bitchy Computer Complaints

  • The 28-year-old college dropout fiercely defends his right to spam, arguing that outdated "netiquette" shouldn't hold back any form of free enterprise in cyberspace.

    King Of 'Spam' And Proud Of It

  • Her prose is sharply on-point when she trains her unforgiving eye on human foibles at large, skewering scholarly attempts to legitimize the series ( "You Hold Your Gun Like a Sissy Girl: Firearms and Anxious Masculinity in BtVs" was one memorable academic paper title); the unwritten rules of "netiquette"; and the persistent irritation of online "trolls."

    Jennifer Ouellette: A Buffy Fan Gets a Life... Online

  • Canada would truly become like China, a gross violator of "netiquette", a censor en masse, treating our citizens like sheep.

    Richard Warman's attempt to block U.S. websites - Ezra Levant

  • We discussed Yasmin Alibhai-Brown's concerns that blogging is just 'pub bores' ( see debate on political blogging here on TV), the state of the blog wars, in which both sides have taken a lot of flak, particularly Tim, who has provoked a needed debate about damage done to the image of blogging by lack of basic 'netiquette', and who has been viciously ( anonymously) lambasted for it, which rather proves his original point.

    Blogger TV again

  • I know there is a UK political blog war going on at the moment about 'netiquette' and lies and spin and deceit, and I have not wanted to join in.


  • In the bargain Cornell and her family continue to receive harassment and threats via her personal email and phone number which Coulter supplied to her millions of her uncompassionate attack dog sycophants who (predictably) refuse to condemn Coulter's indefensable lapse of simple "netiquette" and common decency.

    Archive 2005-12-01

  • They must be decided upon and consciously set up by teachers, so there is no confusion about what is appropriate behaviour and what is not; "netiquette" between teacher and student.

    On Line Teaching; Where To Start?


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  • Oh, I set privacy options, believe me. Everyone I work with, except two very select individuals whom I trust outside of work, is limited to seeing just about nothing of mine. I'm even paranoid enough about it to go in every couple of weeks and double-check that everyone's still limited--god knows Facebook screws up or changes things at whim.

    The thing is, I'm just not friends with said boss, and don't really want to be--don't want to see this person's stuff, and don't want them seeing mine. Ever.

    S.O. suggested I accept the friend request and put person in my strictest limited profile group, then in a week or so, remove them as a friend. Then if I get asked about it, wonder what happened/why Facebook did that, etc. But this sounded like it would lead to an endless series of friend requests to "fix Facebook's mistake."

    I think I'll ignore it until boss says something, if ever, and then take Pro's approach. Thanks.

    Why doesn't Facebook come with an etiquette guide? Sheesh.

    October 28, 2009

  • Privacy options?

    October 28, 2009

  • Haha!

    Another option, if you find that it becomes impossible not to accept her invitation, is to tell her you don't use it very much (as Pro suggests) and then set your privacy options so that she sees as little as possible. That also makes it look as though you don't use it much. :-)

    October 28, 2009

  • I usually keep ignoring it for a very long time (without hitting the "ignore" button, of course).

    Then, I make sure this person has no way of knowing how often I use it.

    Finally, when asked, I just say "Really? Oh, I created my account only to see my sister's holiday pictures! I don't even know how to use it, I must have a thousand of - how do you call them? Friend askance?"

    October 27, 2009

  • What is the polite thing to do when your boss sends a "friend" invitation on Facebook?

    I've ignored it for days, but eventually she's going to ask me about it.

    *wringing hands*

    October 26, 2009