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  • n. An area where wireless Internet access is not available.


Blend of not and hotspot (Wiktionary)


  • An interesting addition to the "notspot" website you have created (which is really useful to localised isps such as us) might be an NGN version to show where people are who are "really" getting NGN type speeds (eg north of 20Mbps).

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  • Watch Village goes from broadband 'notspot' to hotspot

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  • There are still people in the UK suffering this very problem, and that's the reason we've launched a broadband notspot site for those who can't get broadband, or those who can only attain very low speeds.

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  • This notspot website runs like a dog for me, and eventually crashes my browser.

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  • Sebastien and John, - many thanks for all your hard work in 2009 and for doing the notspot survey, and for hosting this site where information is gathered and discussed.

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  • Or see how he likes living in a notspot, crapspot or slowspot? wow, and 6 months later we are no further down the road, except that the USO has turned into a USC, and BT are waiting with hands outstretched to implement BET (copper cabal patch up job) and replicating fibre in areas already covered with Virgin.

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  • BT seems to be rolling out the service to areas that already have a decent broadband services, instead of rolling out the service first to customers with poor service in last mile areas or too far from the exchange (broadband-notspot., such as the no broadband spot where I live.

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  • The Scottish Governent took a sensible approach to notspot resolution with their recent procurement of satellite and wireless BB from a niche provider.

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  • Reaching into every notspot and little community - even above the allready excellent coverage of UK broadband - will be expensive enough at 2MBit, and most government services will work fine at that speed.

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  • You can now report a broadband notspot or slow-spot in the UK.

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