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  • n. The 15th letter of the Greek alphabet. See Table at alphabet.

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  • n. the name for the 15th letter of Classical and Modern Greek. The 16th in Ancient and Old Greek.

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  • n. Lit., the little, or short, O, o; the fifteenth letter of the Greek alphabet.

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • n. The fifteenth letter of the Greek alphaoet (O, o).

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  • n. the 15th letter of the Greek alphabet


from The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, 4th Edition

Middle English, from Greek o mīkron, small o (because of its being a short vowel in Greek) : o, the letter o + mīkron, neuter of mīkros, small.


  • The Thunderbolt who heralded the Silver Age with his 1956 revival had his particles accelerated to the speed of light by blue omicron rays ... but that's another story.

    The Legion of American Watchers

  • (It's only later, during AC's "Catastrophe For Two Worlds" event, in an attempt to simplify the morass of rationales for superpowers, that the Prof's "primalised matter" is revealed to be none other than the proteanite toxic to Overman, but in an omicron-irradiated form harmless to the Man of the Future.)

    The Legion of American Watchers

  • The Greek scholar will look to the Greek letters for Jesus: "iota eta sigma omicron upsilon sigma," which is variously transliterated IHSOYS or IHCOYC, the latter when converted to Latin letters using the common curved sigma variant.

    More on the "H"

  • I was paid (through an adult intermediary because of child labor laws) as a technical proofreader for Chemical Abstracts (knowing an o from an omicron AND knowing the molecule in question was a key).

    On Teens, and the Fact Their Writing Sucks « Whatever

  • You know, the weird thing is I looked at that earlier thinking something wasn't right and completely missed that that last vowel was an omicron, not an alpha. heh.

    On ancient tombs and learning Latin

  • In the scanned text should the omicron in o thumas have a rough breathing?

    Sappho in Greek! And did the Romans "invade" Britain?

  • Filioque but never και του Υιου

    Dryden Against the Deist

  • The colored tracings resemble those in the church on the Mount of Olives, and on one side are the large Greek letters [Theta] [epsilon] [omicron] [nu].

    Scientific American Supplement, No. 415, December 15, 1883

  • [Transcriber's note: The Greek words in the above paragraph were transliterated as follows: _nomos_ -- nu, omicron, mu, omicron, final sigma; _ho_ -- (rough breathing mark), omicron]

    Letters to His Friends

  • So for instance alpha-iota comes after epsilon; epsilon-iota, eta-iota come together after zeta, omega after omicron, and so on.

    The Catholic Encyclopedia, Volume 14: Simony-Tournon


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