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  • n. Used other than as an idiom: see piece,‎ cake.
  • n. A job, task or other activity that is pleasant – or, by extension, easy or simple.

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  • n. any undertaking that is easy to do


c. 1930 (Wiktionary)


  • That was a piece of cake next to guns and gangs and sexually transmitted diseases, not to mention the things parents had to be concerned about: pedophiles on the Web, designer drugs like ecstasy, school shootings, anorexia, bulimia, self-mutilation, the ozone layer, superbacteria.

    The Bonesetter's Daughter

  • She refused a drink, but jumped at the proposal of a cup of tea and a piece of cake before the fire; I poured myself out a whisky and put on a few records on the gramophone to allow her to keep quiet.

    Movie Night

  • But just in time for a little popsy, and if she was wide-eyed enough to believe she could make it in the movies, it ought to be a piece of cake getting her up to my room.

    Futures Imperfect

  • At this point his ’phone call came through and Sergeant Hobbs took us back to the drawing-room, where old Mrs. Seabrook gave us a piece of cake and got Christina to pick up a stitch in her knitting because she herself could not see it very well.

    The Rising of the Moon

  • When Siv returned, she quite often would find some tomatoes or fruit, a bar of homemade olive soap, or a piece of cake on the kitchen table, gifts the women of the village had brought for Nonna Anna.


  • IN THE YEAR after my encounter with the stalking black bear in the Grand Tetons, I selected three climbing projects that would come to occupy my entire recreational focus: I would climb all of the Colorado fourteeners; I would climb all of them solo in winter something that had never been done before; and I would ascend to the highest point in every state in the U.S. In late June 1997, I started my job at Intel, which seemed like a piece of cake compared to being hunted by a winter-thin bear.

    127 Hours


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  • Mmm. Cake.

    March 11, 2011

  • In general usage the phrase piece of cake denotes a task that can be done easily, without much or any effort.

    February 3, 2008