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  • v. Present participle of plunge.
  • n. An occurrence in which something or someone plunges

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • Directed from above downward; poured down from a higher plane: as, to subject the enemy to a plunging fire. See fire, n., 13.


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  • Could he feel the tension in my chest that brought his name plunging through my lips in a harsh whisper?

    Good Fortune

  • Mr. Verhovek zeroes in on the mid-1950s, when Comets first seemed to own the world and then started plunging from the sky in pieces.

    Shrinking the World

  • The big motor car waited at the station, and Frederick Travers thrilled as he always thrilled to the distant locomotive whistle of the train plunging down the valley of Isaac Travers River.


  • With so many fresh faces of fashion with unique design elements, there was one common denominator shared from collection to collection: a welcome change from the LA stereotype of the obvious fashionista in plunging necklines.

    Gen Art Hosts the Fresh Faces of Fashion

  • For those interested in plunging into authentic regional Mexican cooking, this is a good place to start, because the pared-down yet tasty cuisine of Zacatecas is truly a gateway to the flavors found further south.

    Zacatecas: Culinary Gateway

  • The sight of people plunging from the north tower compelled hundreds in the south tower to flee before the second jet struck the building. - Desperation forced a horrific decision

  • Miss Marvell, I was glad to note, was not long in plunging into the subject which had brought her here.

    Lady Molly of Scotland Yard

  • Weeks and months went by, still the Tenas Tyee would swim daily searching for that heart of greed; and each morning the sunrise glinted on his slender young copper-coloured body as he stood with outstretched arms at the tip of Brockton Point, greeting the coming day and then plunging from the summit into the sea.

    Legends of Vancouver

  • "Daisy," said Dr. Sandford suddenly, when I had forgotten the question in plunging through a thicket of brushwood, – "if the North and the South should split on the subject of slavery, what side would you take?"


  • The only reason the dollar isn't plunging is Chinese support and the fact that investors don't have many alternatives.



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