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  • n. An expansion mechanism for ARM-based computer systems, generally a Eurocard-compatible printed circuit board that plugs into a backplane inside the machine.


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Blend of pod and module?


  • The patented cold-aisle containment system integrates an overhead cooling module, building the air conditioning units into the top of a "podule" of cabinets packed with servers.

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  • It's whispered the Vpod, which is believed to be a RiscPC-compatible podule with an embedded video processor, networking, USB and IDE hard disc interface, will feature 8MB of on-board video RAM and Simtec's IDEFS on a Flash ROM.

    Drobe Launchpad News

  • The IDE podule gave various hard-to-trackdown, nearly random problems with CD writer ATAPI access, while it worked fine (albeit quite slow compared to a RapIDE or a Blitz) for harddiscs.

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  • I had various problems with the predecessors of the UniPod, namely Simtec IDE, Net100 and the USB podule.

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  • Virgin SpaceShip2 podule jetwing paratroops on cards?

    The Register

  • The software to drive such a device exists and using the podule bus won't result in as much of a performance hit as you'd expect.

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  • Speculation is mounting that the Vpod, a mysterious new product pre-announced this week, could be a graphics card on a podule for RiscPC-class machines.

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  • Plug the IDE devices and monitor in to the podule and there's your processor, graphics, network, disc and USB upgrade in one hit.

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  • I'm not sure if level of the demand is enough justify developing a new podule though.

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  • What I'd do is bung a podule connector on the A9's mother board and just use the Risc PC to power it.

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  • The Register looks into the origins of the word 'podule', and it's not just pod plus module as silly wictionary thinks...

    The Reg and it's fondness and overuse of this word aside, the term podule predates the ARM based chips in the definition above, it also refers to PCMCIA modems in the 90's,

    Airplane parts in the 20th century, -

    module of a ship -

    'pod' architecture in the 70's

    Morons from Outer Space (1985) had space podules.

    Virgin Galactic's Spaceship2 has podules

    podule popup hotel rooms - mini hotels on a trailer.

    June 9, 2013