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  • v. To talk.


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From the Italian verb parlare (to talk).


  • Un documentario sulla “estinzione degli orsi polari è udibile in sottofondo nel film.”

    No Fat Clips!!! : Polarbearman

  • Spilled Oil: orsi polari e petrolio non vanno bene insieme.

    No Fat Clips!!! : [BEST OF] July 2007 – pt.2

  • If “contraries” are meant to be polari - ties and dualities then this finding of Aristotle is just as much a leitmotif in the natural philosophy of our century as it was in classical Greece.


  • De ce oare oamenii totusi isi accepta moartea, asa usor? cumva este o greseala de gandire comuna? vad milioane de oameni suparati pe fenomenul globalizarii, cer protectia ursilor polari sau a focilor in Canada mult mai insistent decat cercetare medicala pentru a supravietui mai mult.

  • Much of their dialogue was in high-polari, and up-and-down the UK millions of families tucked in to their Sunday roast, unaware of much of what was being said. - fresh links

  • The UK sisters have always used polari in their ceremonies (and for that matter in everyday use). - fresh links

  • This is a polari version of the King James Bible, produced by the Manchester (UK) house of the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence. - fresh links

  • It is, in fact, quite surprising how much polari has entered mainstream gay language (for example chicken or naff), and in recent years there has been a resurgence in interest in the language, similar to that in Gaelic - although Polari is arguably a living language. - fresh links

  • Un documentario sulla "estinzione degli orsi polari è udibile in sottofondo nel film."

    No fat clips!!!

  • Subject: The Consequence of a Philosophy: Response to Dark Adept From: polari! tronix@SUMAX. SEATTLEU.EDU (David Daniel)

    Computer Underground Digest Volume 3, Issue #3.03


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  • Thanks, oroboros. It's interesting to see how many of these terms are still in use today and have made it across the Atlantic. :-)

    September 15, 2007

  • Polari (also seen as 'Palare') is a gay slang language, which has now almost died out. It was more common in the 1960's when gays had more need of a private slang. In researching Polari, it's difficult to find any written material about it as what little used to exist was out of print. However, in the last few years, more and more people have been finding out about it, and several web sites and magazine articles have been written.

    For more info and a word list click here. Thanks to Chris Denning.

    September 15, 2007