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  • What he was doing, he reiterated, was seeking the truth, prajna, wisdom.

    The Silence

  • That is the ultimate meaning of meditation --- a direct look --- not just at what our concepts are, not just what we've been told is true by some wise (or not wise) person, not just what our parents told us, but a direct look with the eyes of prajna (unbiased discriminating awareness).

    David Nichtern: Death, Impermanence and Continuity

  • We might even begin to welcome obstacles as an opportunity to engage in virtuous activity: patience, generosity, discipline. meditation, exertion, and their binding factor, prajna—wisdom rooted in seeing things as they are.

    Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche - How to Work with Obstacles

  • In the Mahayana, this "compassion" appears as a kind of sister virtue alongside that of "wisdom" prajna.

    Archive 2009-06-01

  • Mindful breathing can clean the channels so that prajna can link the individual to the infinite or transcendent consciousness. strengthen will-power; increase the power of penetrating insight; develop the holistic, synthesising, expansive capability;acquire a tranquil inner world; enable the mind to provide its own authentic feedback;pursue ethico-moral fitness; capture the awareness of unity.

    The Indian concept of leadership is based on the ‘Rajarshi’ model

  • These psycho-physical exercises aim to achieve the following goals: purify the nerve channels which interlink the memory base (chitta), the manas (seat of emotions and feelings), discriminating intellect (buddhi), and intuitive wisdom (prajna).

    The Indian concept of leadership is based on the ‘Rajarshi’ model

  • Only those Bodhisattvas who have truly liberated themselves by seeing deeply into the profound prajna truth of the universe can undertake this ultimate gesture of generosity with complete clarity and wisdom and without doubt or negative karmic repercussions.

    Supreme Generosity

  • The realization of this emptiness was a kind of non-realization, a giving up, or an inexpressible, mystical, prajna-knowledge which contrasts with “ordinary” knowledge.


  • With discriminating awareness (shes-rab, Skt. prajna, wisdom) of the specific details of the sixteen, they rid themselves of the sixteen distorted ways of embracing (log-zhugs bcu-drug) the four.

    The Sixteen Aspects and Sixteen Distorted Ways of Embracing the Four Noble Truths

  • Immeasurable love is the absorbed concentration (ting-nge-'dzin, Skt. samadhi) or discriminating awareness (shes-rab, Skt. prajna; wisdom) that relies on one of the levels of mental stability and which is applied to the abode (situation) of the thought, "May limited beings meet with happiness."

    The Four Immeasurable Attitudes in Hinayana, Mahayana, and Bon


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  • pure and unqualified knowledge.

    Also called Enlightenment.

    May 20, 2009