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  • n. People suffering from precarity, especially as a social class; people living a precarious existence, without security or predictability, especially job security.


Blend of precarious and proletariat (Wiktionary)


  • Village Voice headlined "A Sleeping Class: Young Americans Fight for Every Cause But Their Own." book, my beat was the economic headwinds young people are facing: mounting student loans, credit card debt, unemployment, unpaid internships or short-term, part-time, no-benefits jobs that have them joining a new "precariat."

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  • The planetary precariat -- illegal immigrants, temporary and informal workers, insecure indebted citizens in neoliberal post-welfare states, dwellers in peri-urban slums and refugee camps are profoundly limited in their capacity to engage in acts of consent.

    amor mundi

  • "I have silently supported the movement of “precariat workers” [whose jobs are poorly paid, insecure and unprotected].

    Toyota's 'Just-in-Time' System and the Akihabara Killings


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  • They grasp but never tarry at
    The fringe of the proletariat.
    The edge is too brittle
    Or strength is too little
    For rescue from the precariat.

    June 8, 2015

  • Italian precariato is a commonly used word.

    August 29, 2009

  • Ella Myers: 'Mika LaVaque-Manty's "Finding Theoretical Concepts in the Real World: The Case of the Precariat" offers a smart and well-argued reading of a new political entity, the precariat, that has recently emerged in Europe (and was especially significant in the 2006 protests in France opposing government-backed labor reforms)... The "precariat", as LaVaque-Manty explains, is a term meant to capture a new collective actor -- those who face an increasingly precarious working life. Significantly, the precariat is a "condition concept", meant to refer to a common condition faced by its members.'

    August 29, 2009