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  • adj. Almost periodic; recurring at irregular intervals.
  • adj. Such that an increment of a variable leads to a multiplication by some function.
  • adj. Having two unrelated periods.


quasi- +‎ periodic (Wiktionary)


  • While much can or may be ascribed to natural quasiperiodic fluctuations, pattern and recurring patterns, it seems increasingly clear there is more than passive human intervention and involvement in the warming of our planet.

    Rabbi Barry A. Kenter: Approaching Tishrei: Rain, Rain, Don't Go Away

  • First of all, the choices of orientations of the analyzers are not random, but are governed by quasiperiodic establishment and removal of the standing acoustical waves in each switch.

    Bell's Theorem

  • Today, scientists call it a "quasiperiodic crystal with forbidden symmetry."

    Islam Got It First

  • External periodic or quasiperiodic systems can positively force their rhythm on the climate system.

    Exponential Growth in Physical Systems « Climate Audit

  • This is not only the case with the periodic change of day and night and the Milankovitch cycle, but also with variations in solar energy output as far as they are periodic or quasiperiodic.

    Exponential Growth in Physical Systems « Climate Audit

  • Analysis of a roughly 1500 year tree-ring reconstruction of Scandinavian summer temperatures suggests significant quasiperiodic signals on a near-century timescale, an interdecadal 16-18 year timescale, within the interannual El Ninio/Southem Oscillation ENSO band, and on a quasibiennial timescale.

    The Dendroclimatologists are Angry « Climate Audit

  • The effectiveness of our signal detection procedure is demonstrated with synthetic examples that simulate a variety of possible periodic and quasiperiodic signals immersed in red noise.

    The Dendroclimatologists are Angry « Climate Audit

  • Making use of multiple-taper spectral analysis methods, the technique further provides for a distinction between purely harmonic (periodic) signals, and broader-band (‘quasiperiodic’) signals.

    The Dendroclimatologists are Angry « Climate Audit

  • Focusing in detail on the historical estimated global-average surface temperature record, we find a highly significant secular trend relative to the estimated red noise background, and weakly significant quasiperiodic signals within the ENSO band.

    The Dendroclimatologists are Angry « Climate Audit

  • Analysis of a approximate to 3 million year sediment core reveals significant periodic components at known astronomical forcing periodicities and a significant quasiperiodic 100 year peak.

    The Dendroclimatologists are Angry « Climate Audit


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