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  • n. A wild, visionary idea, an eccentric notion or act; a quixotism.

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  • n. Quixotism; visionary schemes.

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • n. Quixotism; visionary notions or undertakings.


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From Quixote +‎ -ry.


  • In addition to scoring the most points in a sanctioned Scrabble contest, Cresta notched the highest scoring Scrabble move ever, a 365-point bingo on the word "quixotry," and combined with Yorra for the greatest number of points in a single game (1320).

    Flynn Files

  • Here is the admittedly rather ridiculous Chaplain Leonard Jeeves of the 18th Division, describing one episode of over-the-top quixotry on that first awful day:

    The Pity of War

  • Literature is full of dramatis personae who, often by retrospective simplification, have come to be identified with some outstanding trait, such as the quixotry of Cervantes 'knight.


  • "It is hopeless quixotry to defy such experienced warriors."

    The Languages of Pao

  • He had an uncle who was head of an important business far down-town; but Gissing, with the quixotry of youth, was determined to make his own start in the great world of commerce.

    Where the Blue Begins

  • "Now," demanded Fred, who knew the signs, "what special quixotry do you mean springing?"

    The Eye of Zeitoon

  • He was uncertain that he had done all that was possible, it was on his honour to do much more than the possible, and the thought was disturbing that, in a matter which so nearly touched his own interest, he had allowed his interest to prevail over his quixotry.

    The Trembling of a Leaf Little Stories of the South Sea Islands

  • He had reached the conclusion that by consenting to go to her rescue at such a time he stood committed to a piece of purely sentimental quixotry.


  • But be discreet, monsieur, if I may presume to advise you, and do not allow yourself to be misled by any false sense of quixotry.


  • The phrase had fitted some of his moods, notably the black ones at Limasol, but now he was all aflame with the quixotry of the Crusader.

    The Path of the King


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  • I tend to be even mannered, but I experience occasional occasional bouts of quixotry.

    August 16, 2007

  • I have been known to have(?), suffer from(?), imagine(?)quixotry at times. How the heck do you use this word?

    Nice word, though! : )


    "That form of delusion which leads to extravagant and absurd undertakings or sacrifices in obedience to a morbidly romantic ideal of duty or honor, as illustrated by the exploits of Don Quixote in knight-errantry."

    August 15, 2007

  • 830!How a Massachusetts carpenter got the highest Scrabble score ever.

    the most points on a single turn (365, for Cresta's play of QUIXOTRY)

    January 4, 2007