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  • Same as ramshackle.


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  • A narrow, winding slough; a half tide, exposing mud surfaced with gangrenous slime; the water itself filthy and discoloured by the waste from the vats of a near-by tannery; the marsh grass on either side mottled with all the shades of a decaying orchid; a crazy, ramshackled, ancient wharf; and at the end of the wharf a small, white-painted sloop.


  • Could be Tzurumutaro will remain No. 1 -- even as they pray for improvement in that rundown, ramshackled, chaotic small-town place with plenty of potholes in what's left of the pavement.

    A Mexico love story

  • The entire motel was quite ramshackled and we entered number 20 with trepidation.

    Tim Giago: There Are Still Active Missile Silos on Highway 71 South

  • The Chapman dynasty sat in the Oldsmobile craning our necks for a full six minutes before a silent vote resulted in me unfolding my legs from the backseat and tiptoeing to the narrow door of the brown, dimly lit, ramshackled building.

    A Kettle of Vultures

  • The republicans are a ramshackled shell, an ediface of its former self, that houses, or is possessed by an alien being, the Neocons.

    CT-SEN: Lamont To Get UAW Endorsement?

  • I even wrote online that Jordan never physically overpowered an opponent the way LeBron ramshackled the Pistons and compared him to Bo Jackson and the way he wreaked havoc in his prime.

    Matthew Yglesias » Old School

  • Even if hurricanes after hurricanes after hurricanes keep pummeling their cities of ramshackled hovels, they will not budge away from.

    Archive 2009-06-01

  • "Coupled with the high costs of caring for people living with HIV, those capacity constraints lead to withered health and education systems, declining food security, skilled labour shortages and an increasingly ramshackled infrastructure," the report warned.

    ANC Daily News Briefing

  • LAWRENCE SHEETS reporting: This is the ramshackled main bizarre in South Ossetia capital of Tskhinvali.

    Territorial Tensions Build Between Russia and Georgia

  • Finally, to finish off this ramshackled buffoonery, yoy! posted by Michelle Collins on

    Archive 2005-03-01


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  • in a very bad condition. Eg.: He bought the used, ramschackled car for an expensive price.

    March 31, 2010