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  • n. The act or an instance of rebroadcasting a recorded movie or a recorded television performance.
  • transitive v. To present a rerun of.

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  • n. A television program shown after its initial presentation — particularly many weeks after its initial presentation; a repeat.
  • n. A political candidate who holds the same political agenda or doctrine as a past or incumbent holder of a given political office.
  • v. To run (a previously broadcast television program) again.
  • v. To run (a race) again.

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  • v. broadcast again, as of a film
  • v. rerun a performance of a play, for example
  • v. run again for office
  • n. a program that is broadcast again
  • v. cause to perform again


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

re- +‎ run


  • Since a rerun is the only way to accurately gauge the actual will of the people (especially considering that one of the candidates names had been removed from the ballot in one of the states), the only other legitimate choice is to nullify the results.

    Obama about to clinch victory, aide says

  • Maybe there's something I just don't get but if some one would explain how an Apollo rerun is better perhaps I would understand.

    Would You Bring Back NGLT-or SLI? - NASA Watch

  • How often we discussed what was on TV that night, what old movies there were to enjoy, what new sitcoms delighted, what shows in rerun she relished.

    Tom Teicholz: Ten Years After

  • But this rerun is just as good as the original … unlike the reruns of those prime TV shows.

    White House: It was all Valerie Jarrett’s fault! - Moe_Lane’s blog - RedState

  • With "Glee" in rerun mode tonight, some people may feel a strong urge to get their weekly, fresh fix of people busting out semi-obscure pop songs in unexpected everyday situations.

    How to stage a musical in a busy airport

  • (Credit: Netgear) Note: If this post sounds familiar, that's because it's a "rerun" -- but with a lower price than when it first appeared a couple months ago.

    Megite Technology News: What's Happening Right Now

  • Since then I have watched it in rerun and seen most of the actors at conventions and it’s all grown on me.

    May « 2009 « Axiom's Edge Science Fiction and Fantasy

  • The lifecycle of a Saturday morning cartoon for me now is that I ask my TiVo to capture all the episodes of some show that I'm already familiar with, then watch as the number of episodes captured per week dwindles as the networks start to phase out the show, until it disappears altogether for a year, reappearing then in rerun.

    Boing Boing: September 8, 2002 - September 14, 2002 Archives

  • There were concerns Pashtuns might react badly if all seats went to the Hazaras, and also speculation that the IEC might call a rerun in Ghazni, or allow the members from the last parliament, who reflect a more balanced ethnic mix, to stay in their seats while a deal was worked out.

    Reuters: Top News

  • In what has been dubbed a rerun of the Trump golf course row, plans for 53 wind turbines on Lewis - within sight of 'Scotland's Stonehenge', the Callanish Stones - seems certain to be approved.



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