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  • n. Plural form of root.
  • n. Ancestors
  • n. Beginnings

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  • n. the condition of belonging to a particular place or group by virtue of social or ethnic or cultural lineage


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  • So a look back at our roots is a worthwhile viewing.

    Debates: Fall Calendar Fills Up - The Caucus Blog -

  • Weel, Miss Daisy, it must be dune; the roots is accustomed to have the soil tight round them, and they don't like it unless they have it so.

    Melbourne House

  • Others, like cougar - an often unflattering term for a middle-aged woman on the hunt for a younger man - might not have made it into the dictionary because of their slang roots, but became too widely used to overlook. rss feed

  • Which the French/Spanish can appreciate since -- wait for it, wait for it -- of the Latin roots for all the dinos 'names.

    Oh no, someone spiked the bowl of time punch!

  • Situated on an expansive property overlooking the vineyards in Central Victoria in Australia, the Avenel House by Paul Morgan Architects definitely gets its roots from the rural setting and the granite hillside.

    Modern Barrow House in Melbourne, Australia

  • Feeling pride in one’s culture and roots is obviously acceptable, but, unfortunately, leaders of all ilks easily exploit these feelings in order to obtain blind support for highly questionable objectives.

    A Discussion with Irmgard Hunt, author of On Hitler's Mountain

  • They believe that that we invited them to see some kind of a boring, dull science fair where they'd have to read little charts and posters with, you know, words either from Latin roots in medicine or ...

    Dean Kamen Explores Invention

  • On any given page you may find Mr. Miller taking you through Dostoyevsky's "Underground Man," Slavic word roots, television's "The Wire" and of course his beloved Icelandic sagas.

    Raging Against Aging

  • The infallibility of the Pope ex cathedra infects all memebers, like roots from a tree.

    Dear God - Her Bad Mother

  • The distinction between Romance and Germanic roots is like the distinction between law and equity — mostly vestigial and considered antiquated by most, much to the dismay of traditionalists.

    The Volokh Conspiracy » Former AG Dann Pleads Guilty


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