from The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, 4th Edition

  • n. Any of an ancient breed of tall slender dog developed in Arabia and Egypt and having a smooth, silky, variously colored coat.


from The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, 4th Edition

Arabic salūqī, of Saluq, an ancient city of southern Arabia.


  • The saluki is the ONLY AKC breed with a mechanism for bringing in new "blood" and even that is cumbersome, partially because of Arabist romanticism and the myth of the "pure" hurr Bedu, saluki, Arab horse, and saker.

    Bully Whippets

  • I awake to the sound of wild saluki dogs barking at the dawn.

    Richard Bangs: Bahrain: Once Was Paradise, Part 4

  • Breed people buy in to all sorts of mysticism about it show saluki people with their pure Arab breed myths are among the worst-- see below and make up absurd creation myths.

    Bully Whippets

  • The west split off one small Arab population, mostly from Iraq, and called it saluki, and took an even smaller group from Afghanistan and made of it the absurd modern show Afghan.

    Bully Whippets

  • Doesn't matter if it's a saluki chasing jacks over the open plains, or a falcon taking multiple stoops and remounts, if that animal is well field hardened they can optimize their focus on the quarry rather than trivial aspects of the chase.

    Working Like a Dog

  • John Burchard can verify that they will flush a hare on occasion, but I haven't got a saluki here to chase it when that happens.

    Eating Hares

  • Steve- Is the brindle dog a saluki, a tazi or a cross?

    Another Pretty Dog

  • A member of our tazi list writes of a friend near Tehran, in one of the traditional lands of the tazi- saluki: If she goes there or elsewhere to exercise her dogs she still has a problem to go by car, because her property is surrounded by buildings....

    The Latest

  • I have other Chinese saluki- tazi images, some even older, but not this one.

    Chinese Tazi Art

  • I have once or twice had a saluki deliver a rabbit to hand that wasn't quite dead.

    Ancestry and Reversion


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  • "But, over time, these sixty- to seventy-pound powerhouses sled dogs, huskies have turned into handsome dogs as well. Elmer's proud, long-limbed posture may derive from genes added from another fine ancient canine athlete—the Egyptian saluki. The origins of this sight hound, its name meaning 'the royal one,' date back eight thousand years, perhaps making it the first domesticated dog. Salukis were so fast that they outpaced the gazelles in their homeland. To capitalize on this breed's amazing acceleration, they were bred into the sled-dog gene pool at the beginning of the twentieth century."

    —Merrily Weisbord and Kim Kachanoff, Dogs with Jobs: Working Dogs Around the World (NY and London: Pocket Books, 2000), 155

    July 28, 2009