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  • n. Plural form of satrap.


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  • King Darius appointed him one of three leaders in charge of all the other leaders—called satraps—in the kingdom.

    Saints & Scoundrels of the Bible

  • [153-1] The satraps were the governors of the provinces, who ruled under the king and were accountable to him.

    Journeys Through Bookland, Vol. 6

  • He at once set about the appointment of generals to command the military districts created in the South, * a task calling for no little discretion, since much depended upon the character of these military governors, or "satraps," as they were frequently called by the opposition.

    The Sequel of Appomattox : a chronicle of the reunion of the states

  • Where were those ministers who had systematically extinguished the least indication of private initiative, those "satraps" who had stamped out the least symptom of insubordination or discontent, those Press censors who had diligently suppressed the mildest expression of liberal opinion, those thousands of well-intentioned proprietors who had regarded as dangerous free-thinkers and treasonable republicans all who ventured to express dissatisfaction with the existing state of things?


  • He does battle against "satraps" and "magicians" -- probably heathen chieftains and Druids; he goes to the Holy Land, and is made archbishop by the Patriarch of Jerusalem: he introduces, it would seem, into this island the right of sanctuary for criminals in any field consecrated to himself.

    The Hermits

  • To govern so vast an empire, the King’s authority had to be delegated to governors (called satraps) of provinces (satrapies) who, in turn, exercised power through subordinate officials or local dynasts.


  • "satraps" still exist, they must be sought for in the outlying Asiatic provinces.


  • "satraps" in the Chaldean language, and "emirs" in the barbaric tongue, fell in battle on this occasion, as well as many others, amounting to perhaps 1500 of the wealthiest and most important people, upon whom the entire defense of the city rested.

    The Deeds of God Through the Franks

  • He put down a revolt of satraps in Asia Minor and reconquered Egypt before he was assassinated.

    Alexander the Great

  • Over a thousand Persian horsemen were slain, among them nobles, satraps, and relatives of the Great King.

    Alexander the Great


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  • c.1380, "governor of a province of ancient Persia," from L. satrapes, from Gk. satrapes, from O.Pers. kshathrapavan-, lit. "guardian of the realm," from kshathra- "realm, province" (related to kshayathiya- "king," cognate with Skt. kshatra; cf. shah) + pavan- "guardian," from pa- "to protect."

    June 10, 2009