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  • interj. get lost!


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From Hokkien (POJ siám).


  • The chocolate habanero ... the golden ghost, the pequin, the siam hot and the scarlet lantern.

    Joshua Stokes: Get That Great Chili Taste Without the Burn

  • Uh huh, you are neutral alright and I am the king of siam.

    CNN Poll: Obama Up 4 Points In Texas

  • Some of the cuisine's dishes have worked their way into restaurants overseas, but others -- barbecued stingray, peanutty satay noodles, spicy Malay mee siam -- can be hard to find outside of Singapore.

    Powerfully Good Cookie

  • Everyone toured the exhibits after the speeches and local delights like mee siam served as dinner.

    New School Term Starts At Singapore Art Museum With 8Qsam

  • We all gathered, along with auntyglory, at the Eurasian Community House restaurant, for a fantastic buffet brunch of beef rendang, devil's curry, mee siam, and much more.

    ennui and lethargy are waging a war inside me*

  • Ohai, Goosi, aifinkso Aahz wuz sai tu numbur as we goze alawng but wut if 2 aor moor poastz at siam tiem?

    U step down furst… - Lolcats 'n' Funny Pictures of Cats - I Can Has Cheezburger?

  • Siam the mayan Thomas, siam the mayan echoed in her mind like a primitive drumbeat.

    Plain Language

  • She struggled to keep from losing herself, like a drowning person batting the water and fighting for air, but she was too tired to raise herself into consciousness, and the primitive chant surrounded her: Siam the mayan Thomas, siam the mayan—until she finally slipped through the dense thicket of words into sleep.

    Plain Language

  • Once, in the brief moment before sleep, when her mind loosened itself from her control, an unwelcome sound unmoored itself from her memory and threaded through her thoughts: multiple voices chanting in unison, Siam the mayan Thomas, siam the mayan.

    Plain Language

  • Soon the whole room was swaying with the voodoolike chant, and all the words started blending together: “Siam the mayan Thomas, siam the mayan.”

    Plain Language


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