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  • n. An individual who favors the coming of the technological singularity, and plans to accelerate the process of achieving this historical event when the time nears.


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  • ACO = Accelerating Change Optimist. you coined that term yourself a little while ago, to counter the phonetic complexity of "singularitarian".

    The Speculist: Change Changes Everything

  • Even sillier, in fact, than the word "singularitarian" is in the first place.

    The Speculist: Name Wanted

  • I'd like to propose that this attempt to come up with an alternative to "singularitarian" is silly.

    The Speculist: Name Wanted

  • I think there is probably some room for criticism of the singularitarian tendancy to equate increased computation with advances in all fields.

    The Speculist: Did Technology Peak in the 1970s?

  • The absurdity of that is the implicit anti-singularitarian view that the world going forward is going to stay basically the same.

    The Speculist: Kathy vs. Cory

  • Actually "devout singularitarian" seems appropriate since it becomes a religious faith at extreme levels.

    The Speculist: God and the Singularity

  • Only he's _poor, _ this whole polity is _poor, _and it can't ever be anything else, in fact, because it's a dumping ground for merely posthuman also-rans, the singularitarian equivalent of australopithicenes.

    Asimov's Science Fiction

  • What I do think is that the average transhumanist/singularitarian assumes that there's comparatively easy answers to the long chain of ifs that would be required in order to create a working brain simulation in an imaginable timeline.

    MachineMachine (formerly 'The Huge Entity')

  • The singularitarian aspiration to superintelligence involves a prior reduction of intelligence to an abstract calculating instrumentality that actually functions first of all to radically impoverish our grasp of the substance of freedom as it is lived, whereupon it then pines for an amplification of that freedom-drained instrumentality into what it mistakes as superlative emancipation.

    amor mundi

  • The book gets better as it goes, and in accordance with Stross’s singularitarian themes it’s free on the Internet.

    ‘Accelerando’ « Gerry Canavan


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  • According to Eliezer Yudkowsky:

    "Singularity discussions seem to be splitting up into three major schools of thought: Accelerating Change, the Event Horizon, and the Intelligence Explosion."

    Further detail here , but I'd recommend it only if you have nothing else going on in your life.

    January 21, 2009

  • Are you preparing for the solitarity, Pro?

    June 13, 2008

  • Orangutans are the only solitary haplorrines (i.e. the so-called "higher primates").

    June 13, 2008

  • "Across cultures, classes, and aeons, people have yearned to transcend death. Bear that history in mind as you consider the creed of the singularitarians. Many of them fervently believe that in the next several decades we’ll have computers into which you’ll be able to upload your consciousness—the mysterious thing that makes you you. Then, with your consciousness able to go from mechanical body to mechanical body, or virtual paradise to virtual paradise, you’ll never need to face death, illness, bad food, or poor cellphone reception.

    Now you know why the singularity has also been called the rapture of the geeks."

    - Glenn Zorpette, 'Waiting for the Rapture', June 2008.

    June 13, 2008

  • See also the links in for psychopharmacology and Usenet; but of course the primary educational aid is Tom Lehrer's setting of the chemical elements to the tune. 'There's antimony, arsenic, aluminum, selenium...'

    November 27, 2007

  • I polished up my Plato so care-ful-ly

    That now I am a Doctor of Phi-los-o-phy

    November 27, 2007

  • Wow, just wow. I think all philosophy should be taught with Gilbert and Sullivan.

    November 27, 2007