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  • n. A timber that connects the keel and sternpost of a ship.
  • n. An arm extending to the rear of the keel to support the rudder and protect the propeller.
  • n. A series of timbers attached to the stern of a small boat, serving as a keel to keep the boat on course.

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  • n. a fin-like structure to the rear of the keel of a vessel that supports the rudder and protects a propeller
  • n. a similar construction on a boat that acts as a keel
  • n. a fin that serves to stabilize a surfboard
  • n. A sort of wild plum.
  • n. A kind of oats.

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  • n. A sort of wild plum.
  • n. A kind of oats.
  • n. The after part of the keel of a vessel, to which the rudder is attached.

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • n. The stump of a branch.
  • n. A wooden peg.
  • n. The after part of a ship's keel; also, a heavy metal projection abaft a ship's keel for the support of a balance-rudder. See cut under balance-rudder.
  • n. A kind of wild plum, Prunus spinosa or P. insititia.
  • n. The yellow iris, Iris Pseudacorus. Britten and Holland, Eng. Plant Names
  • n. plural A kind of oats.

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  • n. a brace that extends from the rear of the keel to support the rudderpost


Dutch scheg, perhaps from Old Norse skegg, beard, beak of a ship.
(American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Fourth Edition)
English dialect, also a stump of a branch, a wooden peg; compare Icelandic a wood, Swedish skog. Compare shaw. (Wiktionary)


  • This section, a part of the keel called a skeg, aids a cruise ship by helping it move linearly and by protecting its propeller and rudder.


  • You guya ahould have used some mud tires it would have helped u guys lots in the skeg btw thenks for the sweet photos abd the sweet story

    Ice-Out by Ice Road: Fishing Backcountry Manitoba by ATV

  • After a gosling is a month or six weeks old you may put it up to feed for a green goose, & it will be perfectly fed in another month following; and to feed them, there is no better meat then skeg oats boil'd, and given plenty thereof thrice a day, morning, noon, and night, with good store of milk, or milk and water mixt together to drink.

    The accomplisht cook or, The art & mystery of cookery

  • * Aluminum frame reinforced stern acts as a skeg, increasing the tracking performance; new tracking fin further enhances tracking

    craigslist | for sale / wanted in seattle-tacoma

  • A fin-like crease, or 'skeg,' ran from behind the front wheel opening to the rear of the car on the extreme lower body sides and there were special vertical crest medallions on the trailing edge of rear fenders. | Newest Listings

  • This kayak has a skeg so is very maneurverable and steady.

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  • Attaches to the skeg and controlled by the coxswain to steer the boat by attached cables.


  • The line was jammed in much worse than I had imagined and it had managed to slot itself in past the gap between the skeg and rudder and was firmly set.

    YBW News

  • Once out of the water, I checked myself over and could see quite a few bruises coming up, plus a few nicks on my hands from where the skeg knife caught me and also tonnes of black anti-foul all over my body.

    YBW News

  • It was also missing a mast and "skeg board," the latter of which is used to stabilize the craft.

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  • "In the vocabulary of surfers, a skeg is a stabilizing strut or fin located at the rear of the surfboard. A surf board skeg improves the board's fundamental directional stability and enables directional control by banking: varying the surfer's side to side weight distribution."

    June 6, 2008