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  • n. A doubting or questioning attitude or state of mind; dubiety. See Synonyms at uncertainty.
  • n. Philosophy The ancient school of Pyrrho of Elis that stressed the uncertainty of our beliefs in order to oppose dogmatism.
  • n. Philosophy The doctrine that absolute knowledge is impossible, either in a particular domain or in general.
  • n. Philosophy A methodology based on an assumption of doubt with the aim of acquiring approximate or relative certainty.
  • n. Doubt or disbelief of religious tenets.

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  • n. The practice or philosophy of being a skeptic.
  • n. A studied attitude of questioning and doubt
  • n. The doctrine that absolute knowledge is not possible
  • n. A methodology that starts from a neutral standpoint and aims to acquire certainty though scientific or logical observation.
  • n. Doubt or disbelief of religious doctrines

from the GNU version of the Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • n. An undecided, inquiring state of mind; doubt; uncertainty.
  • n. The doctrine that no fact or principle can be certainly known; the tenet that all knowledge is uncertain; Pyrrohonism; universal doubt; the position that no fact or truth, however worthy of confidence, can be established on philosophical grounds; critical investigation or inquiry, as opposed to the positive assumption or assertion of certain principles.
  • n. A doubting of the truth of revelation, or a denial of the divine origin of the Christian religion, or of the being, perfections, or truth of God.

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • n. The entertaining of mistrust, doubt, or disbelief; especially, the reasoning of one who doubts the possibility of knowledge of reality; the systematic doubt which characterizes a philosophical skeptic; specifically, doubt or disbelief of the fundamental doctrines of the Christian religion.

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  • n. the disbelief in any claims of ultimate knowledge
  • n. doubt about the truth of something


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  • The poll indicates that the rise in skepticism is mostly due to a shift among Republicans and independents.

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  • I am taking your use of the term skepticism literally and not interpreting it as veiled anti-environmentalism.

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  • "I guess the word skepticism would be in order at this time as to what may or may not happen in those discussions," Mr. Panetta told reporters in Seoul, where he met on Thursday with the South Korean president, Lee Myung-bak.

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  • "The word 'skepticism' would be in order at this time about what may or may not happen in those discussions," said Defense Secretary Leon Panetta, on his first Asia visit as Pentagon chief.

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  • Today, the skepticism is about a better enabler of access to communication, and more specifically, how communication enables profound access to information.

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  • There probably was a line drawing of him like this in the dictionary, illustrating the word skepticism.

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  • I play with the miscellany of facts, and take those superficial views which we call skepticism; but I know that they will presently appear to me in that order which makes skepticism impossible.

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  • The only thing that Obama has done to create any kind of skepticism is allow other people to label him as socialist.

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  • The "skepticism" is solely an American phenomenon resulting from the option to reality of the previous administration, the Republican party, and the conservatively tainted news organizations FOX News and Clear Channel radio, The rest of the world understands the issue because they are experiencing the affects of "global warming" first hand. matt

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  • A little more skepticism from the left in this regard would be warranted.

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