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  • adj. Marked by or given to doubt; questioning: a skeptical attitude; skeptical of political promises.
  • adj. Relating to or characteristic of skeptics or skepticism.

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  • adj. Having, or expressing doubt; questioning.
  • adj. Of or relating to skepticism or the skeptics.

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • Pertaining to, characteristic of, or upholding the method of philosophical skepticism or universal doubt; imbued with or marked by a disposition to question the possibility of real knowledge.
  • Disbelieving; mistrustful; doubting: as, a skeptical smile.

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  • adj. marked by or given to doubt
  • adj. denying or questioning the tenets of especially a religion


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  • The issue is the flagrant abuse of the term skeptical as used by someone with a highly selective and prejudiced opinion, as coupled with an inherent mistrust of a majority


  • In the true self-critical spirit of the United States (remember that from before election 2000?), she was exercising what she termed skeptical patriotism, as contrasted, for instance, with complacency with the way things are and unquestioning trust in the authorities in charge.

    The Skeptical Patriot

  • Herzog at "Left2Right" has what he calls a skeptical challenge.

    Selling What Cannot Exist

  • While I remain skeptical about the effects of lead ammo used in grouse, deer, elk, etc., if it is ever proved that the lead from my guns is hurting any species, swans, raptors, buzzards, etc.,

    Thoughts on Lead Bans

  • Being the slightest bit skeptical is a good thing.

    Matthew Yglesias » Baby, It’s Cold Outside

  • (CNN) – House Democratic leaders and some members of the conservative Blue Dog Coalition might be happy with a deal that allows health care reform legislation to move forward, but some of their fellow Democrats remain skeptical and others openly reject the proposal.

    House Dem on Blue Dogs: 'Not everybody is on the same page'

  • I remain skeptical that there is no way that the states could not take advantage of the federal money, but I am not prepared to dismiss the purported concerns of the governors and call them liars.

    Matthew Yglesias » Phil Bredesen Joins Forces With Dixie Wingnuts to Stick it to the Unemployed

  • Critics might remain skeptical of Ohio State, but Pryor leads a rebuilt Buckeyes team with all new faces from the teams that lost to Florida, LSU, Southern Cal (twice) and Texas in a three-year span.

    Around the BigTen Conference

  • Others, such as PC Magazine's Lance Ulanoff, remain skeptical about Google's ability to surmount numerous obstacles, not the least of which is sure to be Microsoft's relentless counterpunching.

    Microsoft hopes Office 2010 outshines Google Chrome

  • I remain skeptical of Washington DC's attitude toward the Second Amendment and gun owners.

    On Obama And Gun Control


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