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  • n. A length of cable, rope, or webbing that hangs loosely from its points of suspension.
  • v. To engage in the sport of slacklining.


From slack +‎ line. The verb is a back-formation from slacklining. (Wiktionary)


  • The last one is the only kid in town that is willing to give the slackline more than one shot, he can make it about 5 or so steps before 'falling off', he is still scared of getting hurt so it is more like a step off.

    Bikes Are Cool

  • He's also the innovator of slackline yoga and is one of its few masters.

    Into the Wild With Yoga

  • Mr. Magness had tried to walk on the slackline, a hobby of his climbing peers.

    Into the Wild With Yoga

  • Experts disagree about the value of slackline yoga.

    Into the Wild With Yoga

  • Mr. Magness says he'll probably make a couple of appearances in Prana's yoga-slackline tour this summer.

    Into the Wild With Yoga

  • Jason Magness meditates in full-lotus posture balanced on a slackline over the Arizona desert.

    Into the Wild With Yoga

  • Yoga teacher Adi Carter is organizing a slackline-yoga festival next month in Brooklyn.

    Into the Wild With Yoga

  • They were restless and strung up a slackline to see who could do yoga on it.

    Into the Wild With Yoga

  • Lately, Mr. Magness and his band of slackline-yoga experts have captured the attention of sponsors.

    Into the Wild With Yoga

  • Lewis said his most nervous moment came as he mounted the slackline, telling himself, "If you fall, you won't die, but you might as well."

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