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  • adj. Of food, suitable as a snack.


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snack + -y


  • I've also not done anything like this for a very long time -- but it's such a lovely, "snacky" dessert.

    Getting back to it with a fruit tart!

  • But sometimes you're not exactly starving, you're just "snacky" and you want something quick.

    March 24th, 2005

  • I sometimes find, in the evenings esp, that I'm more "snacky" later.

    Six Until Me.

  • I did pretty much exactly what christinetheslp says - I used FitDay, and posted all my calories in the morning ahead of time, with a couple hundred left over in case I got "snacky" in the afternoon.

    Ask MetaFilter

  • The simple snacky menu is all about good-quality artisan products, many from the Cotswolds.

    Top 10 best budget restaurants in Cheltenham and Gloucester

  • Another friend of mine eats small snacky foods all day, healthy or not.

    Food & Relationships « Happy Healthy Hip Parenting

  • Who can you get together for a snacky kind of meal and some talk?

    Get a swarm started

  • Lo and behold, the first gas station McCoy stops at for a snacky-snack gets held up ... by the very same kidnapper and pregnant girl she intended on covering.

    Musing on the things still to do

  • NO WORLD FOR OLD MEN!!!!!! now johnny, go play your silly games with someone else; obama and the democrats have A LOT of adult work to do to clean up your BFF's messes. we'll call you in when it's time for snacky!!!

    Obama considers trip to Iraq

  • She really thought it would be great fun to walk to and from the co-op for snacky treats (did I mention it was a rainy day? and it was just over a mile, each way?).

    2008 October « Bodhicitta


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  • Tasty, usually sweet.

    March 15, 2007