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  • To thrust the nose against; rub closely with the nose; nuzzle: said of animals.


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  • A blend of snuggle and nuzzle. It is the act of snuggling and nuzzling with warmth, love and affection.

    "Let's snuzzle up on the sofa and watch a movie."

    I believe I coined this word. I certainly thought I made it up as a blend of snuggle and nuzzle and to my knowledge at the time, it was a new word. It could have been used by others as it seems a natural combination.

    The word spread in Asheville, NC as I used it with my wife who is German and she used it in an English class not knowing it was a 'made up word.' The teacher asked for words that mean homey or comfortable and my wife suggested snuzzle. He loved the word and put it on the board and soon the story and the word spread in Asheville. This was 1996 and is the earliest reference to the word that I know.

    See also schnuzzle.


    October 2, 2016

  • Snuzzling, the action whereby one snuzzles, is most often performed in the fur of an adorable pet or stuffed animal, or commonly into the snuggly non-erotic crevice of a loved-one.

    The action is performed thusly:

    1. Place face directly into desired snuzzling area.

    2. Rapidly shake your face left and right while maintaining, and even slightly increasing, contact pressure.

    3. Emit highpitched giggling or nonsense phrases such as "nom nom nom" or "snoogy woogy woogy!"

    4. Continue ad nauseum until exhaustion or the expenditure of the patience of the one being snuzzled.

    October 23, 2008

  • To poke around with one's nose, like a dog.

    February 4, 2008