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  • n. The sun together with the eight planets and all other celestial bodies that orbit the sun.
  • n. A system of planets or other bodies orbiting another star.

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  • proper n. The Solar System; the Sun and all the objects in orbit around it.
  • n. Any collection of heavenly bodies including a star or binary star, and any lighter stars, brown dwarfs, planets, and other objects in orbit.

from the GNU version of the Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • adj. the sun, with the group of celestial bodies which, held by its attraction, revolve round it. The system comprises the major planets, with their satellites; the minor planets, or asteroids, and the comets; also, the meteorids, the matter that furnishes the zodiacal light, and the rings of Saturn. The satellites that revolve about the major planets are twenty-two in number, of which the Earth has one (see Moon.), Mars two, Jupiter five, Saturn nine, Uranus four, and Neptune one. The asteroids, between Mars and Jupiter, thus far discovered (1900), number about five hundred, the first four of which were found near the beginning of the century, and are called Ceres, Pallas, Juno, and Vesta.

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  • n. the sun with the celestial bodies that revolve around it in its gravitational field


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  • "Okay … it's in space … floating across our solar system … cold-soaked from the temperature of space to minus one hundred degrees Celsius."

    Deception Point

  • There was too much empty space in the solar system for two ships to collide, and there was no good reason to steer one ship into another on purpose.

    New Race

  • I cannot bear to hear Emerson spoken of as a back-number, and I should like to believe that the young men of to-day find in him what I found in him fifty years ago, when he seemed to whet my appetite for high ideals by referring to that hunger that could “eat the solar system like gingercake.”

    Our Friend John Burroughs

  • For our solar system to cross one of these provinces requires about 3,000 years, and between them are belts of high Etherian light which take several years to pass over.

    The Profits of Religion: An Essay in Economic Interpretation

  • To help formulate this vision, I'll reestablish the National Aeronautics and Space Council so that we can develop a plan to explore the solar system - a plan that involves both human and robotic missions, and enlists both international partners and the private sector.

    Remarks of Senator Barack Obama: Town Hall on the Economy

  • We are about to claim a solar system for Solterra.

    Behold the Stars

  • Aristarchus of Samos, who first theorized that the sun was the center of the solar system and the earth revolved on its own axis, was resident in the city, as was the geographer and polymath Eratosthenes of Cyrene, who calculated the circumference of the earth with great accuracy.

    Alexander the Great

  • Singly on our small earth -- not even in the solar system of which earth made a part -- was any sense of proportion evinced; and there it was apparent only in living things.

    The Cream of the Jest: A Comedy of Evasions

  • Most of us can find some corner of the planet where our visages fit more or less compatibly with the local array of humankind, but for Wally the only faint hope was space travel; perhaps elsewhere in the solar system he would find short, fat, moist creatures like himself.

    Drowned Hopes

  • I have three solar system posters, one periodical table poster, which is all the chemical elements known to humankind in one simple-to-read chart, and a five-foot-tall poster of Albert Einstein with his hair sticking out all over the place.

    Phineas L. MacGuire . . . Gets Slimed!


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