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  • n. Plural form of spoke.


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  • For instance, I am very much for affirmative action, urban economic incentives, and many other things that are part of the NAACP platform the dubbed spokes group for African-Americans.

    Pro-life feminism?

  • The workmen were surprised to get a visitor and willingly showed me around the six enormous cell blocks which radiate in clumsy spokes from a central courtyard and administration building.


  • But I seem to remember Bono as being one of the RIAA’s stable of whiny corporate-label spokes-bitches in regard to how evil p2p is.

    Bono says he’ll sue France over HADOPI

  • When I was boy, three score and ten years later, the trotters still ran, pulling sulkies, the two wheels spinning so fast the spokes were a blur.

    Twilight of the Trotters

  • Then we came up with spokes to those spokes -- in other words, the true actionable meaning of love, purpose, happiness, abundance and connection to source.

    Dr. Alex Benzer: How to Succeed In Spite Of The Recession: 'The Soul Of Success'

  • I actually thought a bespoke suit was a suit made out of spokes, which isn't nearly as bad as it sounds--I have a chicken wire cocktail dress and it's simply fabulous.

    Up in the Air: The Dangers of Cycling

  • When Bruce pulled the lever which opened the valve, and heard the hiss of the water when it shot from the nozzle and hit the wheel, and watched the belt, and shaft, and big fly-wheel speed up until the spokes were a blur and the breeze it created lifted his hair, it was the happiest moment of his life.

    The Man from the Bitter Roots

  • Then she twirled the wheel so fast that the spokes were a blur.

    Young Lucretia and Other Stories

  • Friesen, like some other park dwellers, supports a new organizational structure called the spokes council.

    The Full Feed from

  • The ghostly features in Saturn's B ring called spokes are making an appearance again as the Cassini spacecraft continues its tour of the Saturn system.

    Scientific Frontline by SFL ORG Educational News Network


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