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  • adj. Marked by or acting with quiet, caution, and secrecy intended to avoid notice. See Synonyms at secret.

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  • adj. Characterized by or resembling stealth or secrecy.

from the GNU version of the Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • adj. Done by stealth; accomplished clandestinely; unperceived; secret; furtive; sly.

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • Acting by stealth; sly; secretive in act or manner; employing concealed methods: as, a stealthy foe; characterized by concealment; furtive: as, a stealthy proceeding; a stealthy movement.

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  • adj. marked by quiet and caution and secrecy; taking pains to avoid being observed


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  • My neighbor snowmobiles and a couple years ago had an encounter where the wolves had killed a deer on the trail and did not seem very afraid at all when they took off within sight. (and how stealthy is a group of snowmobiles?)


  • On the other hand, 09Droid could have rather easily programmed in stealthy code to silently steal account log-ins.

    Google removes banking apps from Android Marketplace

  • Some woman's arm and hand has preceded mine in stealthy search after that fatal spring.

    The Filigree Ball

  • Active reconnaissance operations are also classified as stealthy or aggressive, as discussed in the following paragraphs.

    FM 71-1 Chapter 5 Other Tactical Operations

  • Instantly he recalled the stealthy Indians that the boys had seen the previous day, and he sensed immediate danger.

    Some Three Hundred Years Ago

  • He did not stoop, but he bent rather forwards; his mode of walking was peculiar, and rather like that of a cat, but of a cat that was well acquainted with the ground it was moving over; the step showed no doubt or apprehension, it could hardly be called stealthy, but it glided on firmly and cautiously, without haste, or swagger, or unevenness ....

    Victorian Worthies Sixteen Biographies

  • His manner might have been called stealthy, if one were looking for stealth.

    The Thunder Bird

  • The BrahMos, which has been described as a stealthy cruise missile that can deliver a 200 kg payload to a target 290 km away at speeds exceeding 2.8 Mach, has been in service with the Navy and was inducted into the Army in 2007.


  • The Journal says experts believe the pictures show an aircraft designed to be "stealthy," or difficult to detect on radar, what is known as a 'fifth generation' fighter.

    Pentagon Not Concerned About New Chinese Jet

  • Somewhat cloaked in all this are some elements the F-22 pushers do not seek to disseminate: US taxpayers are to pay for modifications of the aircraft to make it available for these foreign sales, and primary among those modifications is very likely to be a new design for the aircraft's so-called radar invisible ( "stealthy") skin.

    Winslow T. Wheeler: The Pentagon Kluge That Refuses to Die


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