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  • n. An elongated form of hand-rolled pasta


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From Italian strozzapreti


  • Don't miss the chef's signature dish: saffron strozzapreti $21 with shrimp.

    Alfresco Options at the Gansevoort

  • BLOCK: Well, here's a pasta that must have a story behind the name: strozzapreti.

    'Geometry Of Pasta': Full Of All Shapes And Sauces

  • But I couldn't fine strozzapreti pasta, romano cheese or brined peppercorns.

    Archive 2008-06-01

  • Other pastas sampled were just as accomplished: the little shells in orecchiette Baresi neatly captured a sauce of savory crumbled sausage and broccoli rabe, and ropey strozzapreti "priest stranglers" came with six small but succulent shrimp and a standout parsley pesto.

    NYT > Home Page

  • WHAT WE LIKED Tripe (special), polpette in braghetta, cestino di parmigiano, Sorbillo pizza, orecchiette Baresi, gnocchi, strozzapreti in parsley pesto, double-cut pork chop, tuna (special) with leeks, tiramisu.

    NYT > Home Page

  • Evening meals will begin with a pasta-based 'primo' such as pappardelle al cinghiale wild boar, pici al sugo Toscana, a local pasta with a thick meat sauce, or strozzapreti, a spiral pasta which literally means 'strangled priests'. - Telegraph online, Daily Telegraph and Sunday Telegraph

  • She suggests the strozzapreti, which means "priest strangler" in Italian and describes tubes of hand-rolled pasta. News

  • Many supermarkets and gourmet shops carry artisan pasta brands that feature whimsical shapes with catchy, revealing names such as orecchiette (little ears) or strozzapreti (priest stranglers).

    NPR Topics: News

  • His house-made strozzapreti with wild boar ragu has the kind of toothy textural mojo passed down by generations of nonnas; his pillowy gnocchi with rabbit confit sauce is dressed in a thin arugula pesto that had my table gobsmacked; and an Acquarello aged-rice pudding accented with crunchy puffed rice brittle makes playful but respectful use of esoteric ingredients.

    Chicago Reader

  • I loved the strozzapreti with calamari and broccoli that called for cooking the pasta and vegetable together in the same pot.

    NYT > Home Page


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  • Also traditional in Umbria though I sense Emilia-Romagna has prior claims from what I've read.

    December 24, 2007

  • This type of pasta comes from the Bologna region - famously "red" (communist) and anti-clerical. I don't think they use the same name in the Vatican.

    December 24, 2007

  • Ohhhh. That explains it. Thanks for posting that usage!

    October 22, 2007

  • ah, sorry - should have footnoted my comment @chained_bear - that was a quote from the Cook's Thesaurus.

    October 22, 2007

  • Actually, gemelli, penne, and fusilli (to just take the three I'm familiar with) look nothing like the strozzapreti I'm famililar with, and the three are very different from each other as well. Or did you mean "substitute" in the sense of "these are good served with a similar sauce"?

    Because the shape of the pasta is often dependent on the rest of the dish. You wouldn't, for example, serve cappellini with a heavy bolognese sauce (you could, but the two are not particularly well matched). Similarly, you wouldn't make large shells unless you were going to stuff them with cheese or something.

    Sorry if I've misinterpreted your comment!

    Also, I've not seen it with two T's in "preti." Did you find that in an Italian dictionary? Just curious!

    October 20, 2007

  • strozzapreti = strozzapretti Pronunciation: stroh-tzuh-PRAY-tee

    Notes: The name means "priest strangler" in Italian, and it refers to a pasta shape that resembles a rolled towel. Substitutes: gemelli OR penne OR casareccie OR fusilli


    October 19, 2007

  • In my opinion one of the best pasta names ever - means "priest-strangler".

    October 17, 2007