from The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, 4th Edition

  • adj. Having a toe, especially of a specified number or kind. Often used in combination: an even-toed ungulate.
  • adj. Driven obliquely: a toed nail.
  • adj. Secured by obliquely driven nails: a toed beam.

from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

  • adj. Having (a specified number or type of) toes.
  • v. Simple past tense and past participle of toe.
  • adj. Having the end secured by nails driven obliquely; said of a board, plank, or joist serving as a brace, and in general of any part of a frame secured to other parts by diagonal nailing.

from the GNU version of the Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • adj. Having (such or so many) toes; -- chiefly used in composition.
  • adj. Having the end secured by nails driven obliquely, said of a board, plank, or joist serving as a brace, and in general of any part of a frame secured to other parts by diagonal nailing.

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • Furnished or provided with a toe or toes: chiefly in composition with a qualifying word: as, long-toed, short-toed, black- toed, five -toed, pigeon -toed.
  • In carpentry, noting a brace, strut, or stay when it is secured to a beam, sill, or joist by nails driven obliquely.

from WordNet 3.0 Copyright 2006 by Princeton University. All rights reserved.

  • adj. having a toe or toes of a specified kind; often used in combination


toe (“digit of a foot”) +‎ -ed (Wiktionary)
See toe (verb) (Wiktionary)


  • This way, as a few people have suggested, France once again toed the American line.

    UN diplomacy stalls (again)

  • He ran the back of his hand along his mouth and offered her an expression that toed the line between nauseated and mildly amused.

    Last Night at Chateau Marmont

  • Spell checking still does not deal with homonyms, which can be a significant problem for a magician attempting to turn an enemy into a toad, but discovering that the glowing letters he wrote in the air were "toed", just as the toes attached to the giant crush him.

    NY-SEN: Hillary's GOP Foe Misspells "Fascist" In TV Ad

  • We saw an animal resembling a deer on one hand, and a tapir on the other, as well as a kind of toed horse or hipparion, and a number of domestic pets all strange to us.

    A Trip to Venus

  • The argument ended in less than typical fashion: with Robert Steele losing his right eye, as Cubs fan Boguslaw Czapla reportedly kicked him repeatedly with a steel-toed boot.

    Man Loses Eye Over Sox-Cubs Fight, Attacker Gets Prison Sentence

  • Nasri 6 Inspired his team to a bright start with his twinkle-toed incisions but faded and did not look the force he has been this season.

    Arsenal v Manchester City: player ratings

  • So far, governments and mainstream opposition parties have largely toed the IMF and European Union line about what needs to be done to square government finances following the financial crisis.

    Irish Poll Key to Anti-German Outlook

  • If you ever happen to come across that homeless Ran-Dell ever again, make sure to wear your heaviest steel-toed boots, that way, when you repeatedly stomp in his nuts, you'll be sure to give him the worst pain possible.

    Swords & Scrolls: Kaiser Crowbar Edition!

  • How is it that no hirsute Irish saint tip-toed up with a TJ switchblade and cut his mottled throat from umulent ear to ear?

    Matthew Yglesias » Endgame

  • Big, god dam Lace up, steel toed CATIPILLAR, dont fk with me BOOTS.

    Cheeseburger Gothic » Huzzah!


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