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  • n. A woman who knits; used especially of those who knitted at meetings and at executions during the French Revolution.


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  • Already displeased with the manners of Descoings, this illustrious "tricoteuse" of the Jacobin club regarded the beauty of his wife as a kind of aristocracy.

    The Celibates

  • Gamelin and Brotteaux had by this time a number of late comers behind them and amongst these several women of the Section, including a stalwart, handsome _tricoteuse_, in head-kerchief and sabots, wearing a sword in a shoulder belt, a pretty girl with a mop of golden hair and a very tumbled neckerchief, and a young mother, pale and thin, giving the breast to a sickly infant.

    Dieux ont soif. English

  • The tall _tricoteuse_, pointing her finger at an old man, strongly suspected of being an unfrocked monk, swore it was the "Capuchin" yonder who was the cut-purse.

    Dieux ont soif. English

  • If seeing a man lose a privileged title for his arrogant folly is mob rule, then kindly pass this tricoteuse her knitting needles. - Telegraph online, Daily Telegraph, Sunday Telegraph

  • Dickens has her as a tricoteuse in English, a knitter, one of those terrible women who would take their knitting and watch the public beheadings in Paris during the revolution. - Telegraph online, Daily Telegraph, Sunday Telegraph

  • I'm going to learn how to knit so I can be a tricoteuse as the tumbrils roll past.

    Guy Fawkes' blog

  • How is it possible to believe, what is however the fact, that an old _tricoteuse_, a former friend of Danton, and now the abbess of a convent of Ursulines, should actually, by the help of her nephew, an obscure organist in Paris, have so bewitched the whole electoral college that this upstart has been elected by a large majority? "

    The Deputy of Arcis


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  • Gloria regretted that she wasn't a knitter, she could be producing a useful garment while waiting for Graham to die. the tricoteuse of the ICU. Beryl, Graham's mother, had been a knitter, producing endless matinee sets when Emily and Ewan were babies—hats, jackets, mittens, bootees, leggings—threaded with fiddly ribbons and full of holes for tiny fingers to get caught in.
    Kate Atkinson, One Good Turn (New York: Little, Brown & Co., 2006), p. 101.

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  • For the tricoteuse in your life, why not buy her that special gift of pure organic Zwartbles and Friesland wool?

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