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  • n. A prehistoric structure consisting of two large stones set upright to support a third on their tops, found especially in Europe.

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  • n. A structure consisting of two stone pillars supporting a horizontal stone

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  • n. A monument consisting of three stones; especially, such a monument forming a kind of doorway, as among the ancient Celts.

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • n. Same as trilith.


from The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, 4th Edition

Greek, neuter of trilithos, having three stones : tri-, tri- + lithos, stone.


  • We stop in a field and build a trilithon out of strawbales — it falls down.

    Avebury Archive « Squares of Wheat

  • It was a Druidical trilithon, consisting of three oblong stones in the form of a doorway, two on end, and one across as a lintel.

    A Changed Man

  • For it is said by present shepherds in that district that during the nights of Christmas week flitting shapes are seen in the open space around the trilithon, together with the gleam of a weapon, and the shadow of a man dragging a burden into the hollow.

    A Changed Man

  • The Duke dragged him across the open space towards the trilithon.

    A Changed Man

  • But the trilithon stood up white as ever; and, crossing the intervening sward, the steward fancifully placed his mouth against the stone.

    A Changed Man

  • The boy remained in the hut, confronting the trilithon as if he expected yet more actors on the scene, but nobody else appeared.

    A Changed Man

  • Wondering what they would do, the young shepherd left the hut, and doubled behind the belt of furze, intending to stand near the trilithon unperceived.

    A Changed Man

  • He walked backwards and forwards in front of the trilithon.

    A Changed Man

  • Crossing anew the down between the hut and the trilithon, and scanning the precincts as if finally to assure himself that she had not come, he rode slowly downwards in the direction of Shakeforest Towers.

    A Changed Man

  • He walked once round the trilithon, and next advanced towards the clump concealing the hut, the moonlight shining full upon his face and revealing him to be the

    A Changed Man


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  • The upside of down: catastrophe, creativity, and the renewal of civilization

    By Thomas F. Homer-Dixon

    A trithon weighing 2 fully loaded 747's

    P308 Hajar el Hibla "stone of the pregnant woman" ....weighing 1000 metric ton represents enduring evidence of overreach of civilisation

    January 13, 2011