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  • n. Plural form of triplet.


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  • Eventually, I shall lay them out in triplets, with narrow borders down the side in a solid colour, to make them into squares, and then set them in alternating orientations (I know, hard to get a mental picture - perhaps when I have time, I will do a diagram - I know just what I mean!)

    Foiled, and foiled again

  • Detailed examination of these results show that they are exactly what we should expect if the message were read in triplets starting from one end.

    Francis Crick - Nobel Lecture

  • It would appear that the number of nonsense triplets is rather low, since we only occasionally come across them.

    Francis Crick - Nobel Lecture

  • a very elegant experiment II suggests that both (UUC) and (UUG) code leucine (the brackets imply that the order within the triplets is not yet known).

    Francis Crick - Nobel Lecture

  • Nobody besides clairvoyant 6-year-old triplets, that is.

    The Butler Bandwagon Rides Again

  • The triplets are the only ones unaware of what is going on.

    Beneath the Bruises

  • In the proton and the neutron they always occur in triplets.

    Press Release: The 2004 Nobel Prize in Physics

  • By using polymers of different composition and assuming a triplet code one can deduce limited information about the composition of certain triplets.

    Francis Crick - Nobel Lecture

  • At age 5, the triplets are a bundle of energy, so on weekends she always is looking for something to keep them busy, which makes putting them to bed easier at night.


  • Now, a month after three baby girls were born, Dalenberg is recovering from a Caesarean section and proud to call the triplets she carried her granddaughters. - Local News


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  • "When Gilgamesh had put on the crown, glorious Ishtar lifted her eyes, seeing the beauty of Gilgamesh. She said, 'Come to me Gilgamesh, and be my bridegroom; ... Kings, rulers, and princes will bow down before you; they shall bring you tribute from the mountains and the plain. Your ewes shall drop twins and your goats triplets; your pack-ass shall outrun mules; your oxen shall have no rivals, and your chariot horses shall be famous far-off for their swiftness.'"

    -- from The Epic of Gilgamesh

    June 17, 2008