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  • n. Either of two nocturnal lizardlike reptiles (Sphenodon punctatus or S. guntheri) that are found only on certain islands off New Zealand and are the only extant members of the Rhynchocephalia, an order that flourished during the Mesozoic Era. Also called sphenodon.

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  • n. Either of two reptiles, Sphenodon punctatus or Sphenodon guntheri, native to New Zealand, that resemble lizards.

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  • n. A large iguanalike reptile (Sphenodon punctatum) formerly common in New Zealand, but by 1900 confined to certain islets near the coast. It reaches a length of two and a half feet, is dark olive-green with small white or yellowish specks on the sides, and has yellow spines along the back, except on the neck. It is the only surviving member of the order Rhyncocephala. Also called tuatera and hatteria.

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  • n. only extant member of the order Rhynchocephalia of large spiny lizard-like diapsid reptiles of coastal islands off New Zealand


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Maori tuatara : tua, back + tara, spine.

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From Maori tuatara.


  • One endangered reptile in an order of its own, called a tuatara, has a light receptive organ on its head; almost like a third eye.

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  • In your mind, you're walking past the entrance to the Matterhorn, past the statue by the bucket fountain which nobody can ever agree on, as to if it's a frog or a tuatara, which is quite bizarre, you realise now, considering how utterly different they are.

  • Henry the tuatara is a dad at 111 - Australasia, World - The Independent

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  • The tuatara is a reptile species whose roots go back to the time when dinosaurs roamed the Earth.


  • Despite this, scientists have been surprised to find that the tuatara is the "fastest evolving" creature on the genetic level.

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  • Zealand -- the "tuatara" or Sphenodon -- entered its area at a still earlier stage of surface change.

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  • The word "tuatara" is derived from a Maori word meaning "spiny back."

  • "dinosaur forests", unusual birds and living fossils such as tuatara, giant kauri snails and mute frogs.

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  • The tuatara, a nocturnal lizardlike reptile from New Zealand, shares a nest with the diurnal petrel, a sea bird.

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  • The petrel builds the nest, which the tuatara defends and keeps pest-free.

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  • a primitive New Zealand "lizard" that is not truly a lizard but has evolutionary characteristics of reptiles and and birds; its Maori name means "peaks on the back," and it looks a bit like a brown-green iguana; endangered

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