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  • n. Alternative spelling of turnaround.
  • v. To physically rotate horizontally 360 degrees.
  • v. To change to the opposite direction from a previous position.
  • v. To reverse the expected outcome of a game, usually from a losing position to a winning one.
  • v. To reverse a trend, usually towards a more favorable outcome; to return (a business, department) to effectiveness, profitability, etc.
  • v. To be duplicitous.
  • v. To consider from a different viewpoint.
  • v. (often with a unit of time) To produce; to output; to generate
  • v. To effect a positive reversal of a trend.
  • v. To make a situation worse by trying to make it better.

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  • v. improve dramatically
  • v. improve significantly; go from bad to good
  • n. turning in an opposite direction or position
  • v. turn abruptly and face the other way, either physically or metaphorically


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  • Pointing guide-like to the chandeliers and the marble, I see that the people around us, loaded with string bags on their way from work, turn around to look.

    A Mountain of Crumbs

  • After resting, we would turn around and do it in reverse, North Rim to South Rim.

    127 Hours

  • And the thing that prompted you to turn around and drive home at approximately eight-twenty P.M. was … ?

    Isabel’s Bed

  • The one-horn nickered and tried to turn around to lick her hand.

    Burning Tower

  • I thought it was pretty cheeky of Salvador to turn around and bite our ankles at IFAD when we were providing enormous military and economic aid to help it fend off a vigorous, Cuban-backed Communist insurgency, but I came to see this was just business as usual at the UN.

    Surrender is not an Option

  • The new clubs, the next lesson, a tip you read in your golf magazine or heard from a playing partnersomehow things will turn around and you will be good.

    The Italian Summer

  • I dont know what possessed me to turn around and declare to the woman closest to me, Im in love with Juan Carlos Romaguera!

    Make Your Life Prime Time

  • Bob told me when I stood on the steps crying as Kirstin went off to her first day of kindergarten, that it would go fast, he said turn around and she'll be grown and off to college.

    ABC 4: Top Stories

  • Sincerity was evident in his softspoken statement, which prompted me to slowly turn around to face him.

    Street Judge

  • Reed Spencer Robinson, famous spy, knew how to turn around any situation.

    Say What?


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