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  • n. A three-stringed viol used in Burma.


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  • Thousands of "turr" are there, and the men are reaping many a banquet.

    Le Petit Nord or, Annals of a Labrador Harbour

  • The next a few fresh "turr," a very "fishy" sea auk, are left ever so quietly inside his woodshed -- and so it goes.

    Le Petit Nord or, Annals of a Labrador Harbour

  • "Not in enny ways so special," Sage would reply in cavalier discouragement, his disaffected gaze resting upon the champion scholar, who stood elated, confident, needing no commendation to assure him of his pre-eminence; "but he air disobejient, an 'turr'ble, turr'ble bad."

    The Moonshiners At Hoho-Hebee Falls 1895

  • When Leander chanced to be mentioned, however, he observed with some rancor that he reckoned it was just as well he didn't come up with Lee-yander; there was generally mighty little good in a runaway boy, and Lee-yander had the name of being disobejent an 'turr'ble bad.

    The Moonshiners At Hoho-Hebee Falls 1895

  • Presumably with a correct translation of turr-ble.

    Amid reports, Cowher, CBS mum on ex-coach's future

  • Throughout December, Mr. Artal ' s restaurant, Cinc Sentits, serves a dessert made with soft turr ó n, chocolate, coffee and bergamot.


  • The best-known sweet at Christmastime is turr ó n , or torr ó in Catalan — a nougat made from sugar, honey and egg whites.


  • He blathers on about the sanctity of life as an excuse to veto the stem-cell research bill and at the same time bragging about his fictitious "warn turr" that has killed hundreds of thousands of innocent people.

    The truth is the toughest talk.

  • The scandal is that there are 30-odd% of people in this Country who support the utter failure who is “President”, and would gladly gut the Constitution to assuage their fear of turr.

    Think Progress » Pajamas Media, Instapundit Facilitate Outing Of Foley Victim

  • Coincidental that yet another dangerous turr-ist is being let go by the Bushies right when things are getting too hot to handle in Iraq?



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  • Newfoundland nickname for the Common Murre.

    January 12, 2009