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  • If $url is a valid url to a supported provider, the function returns the embed code provided to it from the oEmbed protocol.

    Codex - Recent changes [en]

  • Takes any $message, (grabs the short url of $url if applicable), adds twitter prefix (as defined in the acp), and makes it into a tweetable message, that is no greater than 140 characters.

  • You want to throw a 301 code before the location code: header ( 'HTTP / 1.1 301 Moved Permanently'); header ( 'Location:'. $url); where $url is the place that the short url is redirecting to.

    Boagworld recommends

  • In this case the $url will be a string that holds the current url that the user is on.

    Blue Hat SEO-Advanced SEO Tactics

  • How to make your relative urls work based on the swf url: var swfURL: String = this. _url; swfURL = swfURL. substr (0, swfURL. lastIndexOf ( "/") + 1); trace (swfURL); full roast blend

  • "UPDATE [tbl_details] SET [headline] = @headline, [url] = @url, [body] = @body WHERE ([id_box] = @id_box)"

    ASP.NET Forums

  • +qStr; url = url+ "& sid =" +Math. random (); xmlHttp. onreadystatechange = stateChanged; xmlHttp. open ( "GET", url, true); xmlHttp. send (null);

  • XMLHTTP "); this. request.onreadystatechange = function () {Ajax. checkReadyState ();}; if (method. toLowerCase () = = 'get') url = url+"? "

  • TikiWiki banner_click. php (Release 3.1) 027 $bannerlib - > add_click ($_REQUEST [ "id"]); 028 $url = urldecode ($_REQUEST [ "url"]); 029 header ( "location:

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  • I use bwana and this function wman () {url = "man: $ {1}" echo ` open $url `


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