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  • n. The study of flags.

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  • n. The study of flags


First attested in 1959. From Latin vexillum ("flag") +‎ -logy. (Wiktionary)


  • His trips prompted a childish interest in vexillology: I used to draw pictures of the flags of the countries and states he worked in and treasured a small book of flags of nations and history he gave me.


  • Moreover, in heraldic art (art of the blazon or Coat of Arms) and in vexillology (the science of the flags), gold and silver or white and yellow are, associated with the divine, for example the coat of arms of Jerusalem and the Papal States and now the Vatican's the flag.

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  • Technorati : flag design, josh parsons, vexillology

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  • Usage: Flags of the World is the Internet's largest site devoted to vexillology and boasts more than 72,000 flag images.

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  • North American Vexillological Association (vexillology = the study of flags - who knew?)


  • Turns out it North American Vexillological Association (vexillology = the study of flags - who knew?)


  • The dirty ribbon, flag of the writer, the vexillology of typing fingers.

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  • To earn the vexillology Merit Badge, that team member was given a modified map of Epcot, and had to put in order the flags of the countries represented in World Showcase.


  • At last, the worlds of cartography, vexillology and population statistics meet! News

  • 3 Random/Surprising Facts: um, about me? it doesn't say . . . check out Wikipedia--it's crammed with random and surprising facts . . . did you know that vexillology is the study of flags?

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