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  • n. A weblog using video as its primary presentation format.


Blend of video and weblog. (Wiktionary)



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  • vlog, v.

    Jeff Jarvis, 19 December 2002:

    Vlogging: How to vlog

    March 20, 2016

  • video+blog

    September 29, 2008

  • Did he write a blog?

    August 14, 2008

  • Was Vlog agog?

    August 14, 2008

  • There was a guy named Vlog
    who had a dog,
    who pooped in everyone's yard.
    Vlog did not flog the dog,
    but the dog did die
    after drinking egg nog
    in Vlog's back yard
    which abutted a bog,
    which smelled in the fog,
    after Vlog did jog.
    Vlog got a log
    and roasted a hog
    in honor of the dog
    who died near the bog.

    ...would any fellow insaniac like to continue this sordid tale?

    August 14, 2008