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  • n. An ideology that is no longer current or fashionable.


Humorous coinage from was and -ism, as though the latter came from is. (Wiktionary)


  • Aristotle was particularly interested in observing nature and his biology wasm uch admired by Darwin amongst others.

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  • *; This must be assembled using one of the following commands:; wasm cstrto16 - bt = OS2 - ms

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  • - ml - 2r; wasm cstrto16 - bt = OS2 - mh - 2r;; NOTE: This code must NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER define any variable or routines; which are needed by the C Library.

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  • "It is, it is," he cried, "the _wasm_, the _sharat_, * the Semitic tribal mark, the mark with which the Arab tribes brand their cattle!

    The Mark Of Cain


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