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  • n. Variant of vav.

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  • n. A wave (of water).
  • n. The twenty-seventh letter of the Arabic alphabet: و.
  • n. Alternative spelling of vav.
  • v. To stir; move; wave.

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • TO stir; move; wave.
  • To cry as a cat; waul.
  • See waul.
  • n. The sixth letter of the Hebrew alphabet, corresponding to the English w or the Latin v (whence it appears as modern v in the English form of the Hebrew words. Its numerical value is VI.
  • n. A wave.
  • n. A wall.

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  • n. the 6th letter of the Hebrew alphabet


From Middle English wawen, waȝien, from Old English wagian ("to move, shake, swing, totter"), from Proto-Germanic *wagōnan (“to move”), from Proto-Indo-European *weǵhe- (“to drag, carry”). Cognate with German wagen ("to venture, dare, risk"), Swedish våga ("to dare"). (Wiktionary)
From Middle English wawe, waȝe, from Old English wǣg ("motion, water, wave, billow, flood, sea"), from Proto-Germanic *wēgaz (“wave, storm”), from Proto-Indo-European *weǵhe- (“to drag, carry”). Cognate with North Frisian weage ("water, wave"), German Wag, Woge ("wave"), French vague ("wave"), Swedish våg ("wave"). (Wiktionary)
From Arabic واو (wāw). (Wiktionary)


  • The original says "and a tower," but without a doubt, the major purpose was the tower, therefore we have here the so-called waw speciale -- "and in particular."

    Exposition of Genesis: Volume 1

  • Yes, in biblical Hebrew the sentences start with "waw"vav literally translated as "and."

    And now for something completely different

  • The 30 volumes of Ibn 'Aashoor's tafseer (mentioned in the "Don't be a hater" post) can be downloaded as scanned PDFs from i'm curious about the use of "waw" (and).

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  • Waw waw waw waw waw waaaaawww | My [confined] Space

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  • Getty Images One of Alexander McQueen's most influential ideas waw images of skulls as a design element.

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  • Lemongrass is a stylish fusion restaurant, decked out in vivid greens and blues, that combines Thai, Chinese, and Indonesian dishes (lemongrass.

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  • The menu gives eccentric flourishes to classic Polish dishes, like herring and potatoes with arugula, or ribs baked in the sweet honey-flavored liquor krupnik (nomia.

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  • When you reach stillness, you go into the condition of “wang wo zhuang tai” pronounced wahng waw jwahng tye, which means forget yourself.

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  • “Ru jing wang wo” pronounced roo jing wahng waw means meditate deeply to go into stillness and forget yourself.

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  • “Xing zou zuo wo bu li zhe ge” pronounced shing dzoe dzwaw waw boo lee juh guh means anytime, anywhere in your whole life, always put your mind on your Jin Dan.

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