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  • n. Meaningless or content-free chatter in a discussion; drivel, babble.
  • n. Used as the name of a metasyntactic variable.
  • v. To make meaningless comments.
  • v. To be overwhelmed by emotion and take on a childish expression with a quivering lips and chin.

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  • n. A wimble. Tufts's Glossary of Thieves' Jargon(1798).


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Unclear; possibly originates in the British Roger Irrelevant comic strip, then popularised by Your Sinclair magazine and the comedy Blackadder.


  • You can also use the words "google" (google), dict (dictionary. com), "wp" (wikipedia), and quote (stock market prices). slang wibble wp fourier series google something by Physics Dave Dec 1, 2004 share this comments \% s

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  • I think that happy thought is the one thing that's keeping me from curling up into a ball and saying 'wibble' all morning, to be honest.

    Let the boycott commence!

  • But when the little guy sticks his shorts over his head, puts pencils up his nose and starts saying 'wibble', most normal people turn away in embarrassment.

    TG Daily - All News

  • I was still stuffed from lunch so only ordered 3 little empañadas and a beer and the waiter was looking at me as if I had pencils stuffed up my nose and all I could say was "wibble". TravelStream™ — Recent Entries at

  • The BBC report Gordon Brown's latest "wibble" moment: "The UK property market is likely to bounce back before those of other countries because" we failed "to build enough houses, Gordon Brown has said.

    Archive 2008-10-01

  • I'm more than a little worried about how BSG going to wrap up after watching the previews for next week. * wibble*

    BSG VID...Kara/Lee

  • As far as the Rose/Ten story not having the time to finish ... well .. there is always the chance for a movie ... maybe. * wibble*

    One nice thing about the new Doctor...

  • All these larger, more colourful and even tea-offering flamboyant daleks makes me remember * wibble wibble* (audio NSFW?) » Colourful new Daleks in Dr Who? OMG it's the gay daleks! | Radio …

  • I wibble above the ground in my imaginative high, oblivious to the flaws others are too willing to find sooner rather than later.

    Afterglow «

  • Or, if you're really slow in the mornings, perhaps I have to say "wibble wobble" as well.

    Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall's jelly recipes


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  • wibble

    UK, perh. originally from the first "Roger Irrelevant" strip in "VIZ" comics 1. n.,v. Commonly used to describe chatter, content-free remarks or other essentially meaningless contributions to threads in newsgroups. "Oh, rspence is wibbling again". 2. UK IRC An explicit on-line no-op equivalent to humma. 3. One of the preferred metasyntactic variables in the UK, forming a series with `wobble', `wubble', and `flob' (attributed to the hilarious historical comedy "Blackadder"). 4. A pronounciation of the letters "www", as seen in URLs; i.e., may be pronounced "wibble dot foo dot com" (compare dub dub dub).

    The ancestral sense of this word is reported to have been "My brain is packing it in now. I give up. _Tilt! Tilt! Tilt!_"

    November 28, 2007