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  • adj. Similar to a worm.
  • adj. Similar to that of a worm
  • adj. Having a smoothly curved form when heated.

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  • adj. totally submissive


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  • Your sister was fine, screaming at the wall, “We're not afraid of you,” regenerated, grown into two new heads, wormlike as you jumped, punctuating the word kitchen and wanting to know if you wanted some and laughing like crazy.

    Patricide: A Romance

  • Crossing Cherry Park yesterday, I encountered a sick dog expelling from its body wormlike creatures—it was particularly offensive, but I found myself drawn to watching the worms move about on the ground after dog and owner left.


  • Its a thread with a very damning message to Glen Beck and his wormlike followers.

    Think Progress » Church Uses Marquee To Speak Out Against Beck: ‘Sorry Mr Beck, Jesus Preached Social Justice’

  • Now they had a place to crawl and appear wormlike.

    uncharted terriTORI

  • Eleven, purple, wormlike things with long, filament-limbs – lots of them – slithered around in one of my cargo holds.

    EMERGENCY REVIVAL • by Kevin Shamel

  • Ignoring the other person's attempts to engage you makes you come across as wormlike and gelatinous, leads to unproductive exchanges, and is never persuasive.

    Barry Eisler: How to Argue (VIDEO)

  • River blindness is a debilitating scourge caused by wormlike parasites that grow as long as 20 inches and live inside the human body, causing a range of problems that include intense itching, disfiguring skin nodules and - when the parasite migrates to the eyes - blindness.

    Rene Le Berre, who led successful fight against river blindness, dies

  • Her smile slips too, it drags her face down, widening her eyes, and there is something moving beneath the surface of them, something wormlike.

    Blood Men

  • After a few handfuls he ended up spitting out a chewy, wormlike thing.

    The Three Furies

  • She folded her arms tightly, creasing her fuzzy parka into pink wormlike segments, and lowered her head so the hood slid down her forehead.



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  • Hmm. WeirdNet defines wriggling as 'moving in a twisting or snake-like or wormlike fashion', but its definitions for wormlike involve submissiveness rather than movement.

    May 23, 2009