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  • noun Scotland Obsolete form of yard.


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  • The "yaird" being the safest place where the ewes could be, the proverb means that a thing is quite right.

    The Proverbs of Scotland

  • But this was ower muckle for me; so I juist roared oot, "Gude-nicht, ye haiverin 'eedeits," as heich as I cud yawl, an 'up the yaird at what I cud flee.

    My Man Sandy

  • I didna ken whuther to flee up the yaird, roar oot "feyre," or clim 'up on the dyke an' gie them a wallop roond the linders wi 'my bits o' cloots.

    My Man Sandy

  • When I dandered doon the yaird to get a breath o 'fresh air, efter I shut the shop, here's him tumblin' catmas, an 'stanin' on his heid i 'the middle o' the green, gien Nathan an 'twa or three ither loons coosies!

    My Man Sandy

  • We a 'gaed awa' doon the yaird aboot half-past seven, to see a noo henhouse 'at Aleck had been tarrin' that efternune.

    My Man Sandy

  • Juist at this meenit there was a rare like's fifty thunderbolts had burst in Kowper Collie's auld-iron yaird.

    My Man Sandy

  • I didna ken o 'Sandy comin' till his bed ava; an 'when I raise i' the mornin 'a' thing was cleared awa ', an' the garret an 'backshop a' sweepit an 'in order, an' Sandy was busy i 'the yaird hackin' sticks, an 'whistlin'"Hey, Jockie Mickdonal '," juist's as gin naethin 'had happened.

    My Man Sandy

  • Princie, as he ca'd him, ga'e a gley roond wi 'the white o' his e'e that garred Sandy keep a gude yaird clear o 'him.

    My Man Sandy

  • But Pottie sprang oot o 'the coat -- it wasna ill to get ooten, puir chield -- an' doon the yaird a 'he cud flee, wi' Sandy at his tail, whirlin 'the hewk roond his heid, an' skreechin 'like the very mischief.

    My Man Sandy

  • Pottie took the yaird dyke at ae loup, an 'landit richt on Mistress Mollison's back, an' sent her bung into the middle o 'a lot o' Jacob's ledder 'at she has growin' in her yaird.

    My Man Sandy


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  • -noun

    a garden.

    June 9, 2009