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  • interjection onomatopoeic Representing the bark of a fox (especially while mating).
  • interjection of a person, informal To express happiness, to state that something is sexy.
  • noun informal A bark.
  • noun slang, informal The act of yiffing.
  • noun slang, informal Pornography of furries (fictional anthropomorphic animal characters).
  • verb intransitive For a fox to bark.
  • verb intransitive, of a person To bark like a fox (especially in a sexual way).
  • verb transitive and intransitive, slang, informal To have sex, to mate.
  • verb transitive and intransitive, slang, informal To cybersex, to have cybersex, to sext.


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

Yiff is part of a range of onomatopoeic words that form a pseudo-language used by the furry role-playing community: yiff, yip, yerf, yaff, yarf, growf, and growlf (in order from most positive connotations to most negative connotations). Yiff meant yes or an exuberant hello!. Later, yiff was assigned a meaning of a sexual proposition, a meaning that had previously been assigned to yipp (a coarse form of yip).


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  • yiff, n.

    The Guardian, 4 February 2016:

    Stereotyped as less innocent than they look by mainstream media, furries tend to get a bad rap. A 2001 Vanity Fair article brought up both bestiality and plushophilia (sexual attraction to stuffed animals), and defined furry fandom as “sex, religion and a whole new way of life”. The show Entourage presented a pink bunny fursuit as a sexual prop, and in CSI-episode Fur and Loathing in Las Vegas, furries are portrayed as fetishists mainly in it for the “yiff” – furry porn or sex.

    February 29, 2016