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  • adv. Music With a bow. Used chiefly as a direction to indicate the resumption of bowing after a pizzicato passage.

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  • adv. A note in string instrument musical notation indicating that the bow is to be used in the usual way, usually following a passage that is played pizzicato.

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  • adj. (of instruments in the violin family) to be played with the bow


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Italian, from arco ("bow")


  • Pizzicato is a term that tells a string player to pluck the strings (so basically not use the bow until he sees the term "arco").

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  • Another example of herbal treatment for eczema is Pau D'arco which is often referred to as the herb that has immunity enhancing properties.


  • "Interstellar Signals" had more gravitas, with Mr. Colley playing arco bass and Mr. Rogers extracting theremin-like sounds from his floorboard electronics set-up.

    The Sound Way Down in the Underground

  • We leave Lake Chapala soon for San Cristóbal and had planned a leisurely drive down the Pacific Coast from Lázaro Cardenas, Michoacan but think we´ll try that new arco rorte autopista that skirts Mexico City on the Chapala to Puebla leg of the journey.

    Things Are Rarely As They Seem in OZ

  • Rather than his usual saxophones and brass, Mr. Morris's current ensemble consists mainly of symphonic strings even the double basses are bowed arco, woodwinds, and world-music instruments.

    Passing Down the Piano Torch Song

  • On Tuesday, "Easy Living" was less of a soliloquy and more like a love song, passionate and lyrical, a mood accentuated by Mr. Debriano's arco bass solo and Mr. Cables's especially tender harmonic support.

    Some Swinging Stalwarts and Surprises

  • There's virtually no distance, geographical or psychological, between the players and the crowds; they sit so close together that bassist Jon Burr could easily spear a buttered roll from a nearby table with his bow whenever he plays arco as when he detoured through "Happy Feet" into "Tico, Tico".

    Showing Love With a Heart-Shaped Box of Jazz

  • Sometimes he transitioned subtly from one tune to another by means of an arco bass solo from Mr. August; at other points he simply stopped playing one composition and started playing the next one without so much as a fermata between them.

    Reviving Sounds and Legends

  • One of Mr. Evans's own most thoughtful ballads, "Turn Out the Stars," was essayed in an arco solo by Mr. Gomez that contrasted the ballad's soul with a hint of distortion, while Mr. Corea also brought a fair amount of dissonance to an unnamed blues.

    Looking Back, Looking Forward

  • And even a, simple, arco iris, links many people everywhere, to a feeling of beauty and wonder.

    Double Rainbow in San Quintin, Baja


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  • The opposite of pizzicato.

    August 30, 2007