from The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, 4th Edition

  • prep. Against.
  • prep. Opposed to: I'm agin him.
  • prep. Next to; beside; near.
  • prep. By or before (a specified time).
  • conj. By the time that.

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  • adv. Alternative form of again.
  • prep. Alternative form of against.


Regional variant of against.
(American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Fourth Edition)
From Scots agin, variant form of again ("against"). (Wiktionary)


  • I ain't got nothin 'agin' the child – she 's a nice enough little thing, – but she certainly do make him queer.

    The Mystery at Number Six

  • We'd had a bit of a tiff overnight, but she got up as quiet as a lamb and never said a word agin me, which surprised me.

    The Blue Germ

  • That may be goin 'agin natur, suh, but 'tis stickin' close to Holy Writ an 'the wisdom of God.

    The Miller of Old Church

  • And, mind you, I ain't saying a word agin their way of acting.

    Danny's Own Story

  • "No; if anybody sez a word agin him she shets 'em right up."

    The Fortune Hunter

  • He's a bully feller sure, ma'am, an 'I ain't got a word agin him.

    The Forfeit

  • Course a wors, gavner: Ev aw said a word agin him?

    Captain Brassbound's Conversion

  • "I didn't!" said Ortheris, "S'elp me, Gawd, I never said a word agin 'er, an' I wouldn't -- not if I was to desert this minute!"

    Indian Tales

  • "Woman, take care; say a word agin him and I'll mittle you!"

    Tommy and Grizel

  • Thar nuver was a word agin Rosie afore, thar hain't been sence, an 'you kin ride up an' down this river till the crack o 'doom an' you'll nuver hear a word agin her ag'in.

    Hell fer Sartain and Other Stories


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