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  • adj. Having an element of chance.


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Latin āleātōrius (see aleatory) + English -ic


  • A recent comment made to a posted essay by DB of DB's Medical Rants spoke of a term I had not heard before, namely aleatoric uncertainty.

    Archive 2007-12-01

  • It was a perfect curtain raiser for the season's finale as there were "aleatoric" sections in the score where the players were asked to improvise sound for stated periods of time, as the conductor slowly spelled out "one, two, three" with his fingers.

    Archive 2008-06-01

  • Just occasionally the music reveals what might have been – in the aleatoric choral writing depicting the cyber-babble of the chatrooms, the multi-layered chorus with which the work ends, or some of the wonderfully voiced orchestral textures, such as the poignant string lines that underpin the aria in which Brian attempts to describe the importance of the internet in his life.

    Two Boys - review

  • Then came nepenthe and scholium, aleatoric and consuetude.

    Pool of National Spelling Bee competitors whittled down to 48

  • It's aleatoric — what is an election, after all, but chance operations within a tightly controlled framework?

    You'll Never Get Rich

  • The program's ability to turn any phrase of suitable size into music also gives it a kinship with aleatoric developments.

    Mother, Superior

  • (All music is "process" — even aleatoric music — we're just not likely to notice it as process if we can easily imagine the outlines of a "narrative" within its working out.)

    Hub helmer headlines crix confab

  • It would sound as a purely Cageian, aleatoric hell.

    Avlon: Two veteran wingnuts resurface

  • JB: It's a lot of things: It's an aleatoric music composition which uses astronomical data for the "chance" element.

    Listen to the Music of the Spheres | Universe Today

  • And with that question, I let in the whole Pandora's box of troubles namely, aleatoric music.

    Brooklyn Philharmonic Director Lukas Foss


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  • Wikipedia states that aleatoric is derived from the Latin phrase "rolling of the dice." In most instances in which I've come across it, it refers to the production of art "by chance," that is, by capitalizing on or employing random processes.

    May 30, 2011