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  • adj. In proper or satisfactory operational or working order: checked to see if the tires were all right.
  • adj. Acceptable; agreeable: Delaying the repair is all right by me.
  • adj. Informal Satisfactory; good: an all-right fellow; an all-right movie.
  • adj. Correct: Your answers are all right.
  • adj. Average; mediocre: The performance was just all right, not remarkable.
  • adj. Uninjured; safe: The passengers were shaken up but are all right.
  • adj. Fairly healthy; well: I am feeling all right again.
  • adv. In a satisfactory way; adequately: I held up all right under pressure.
  • adv. Very well; yes. Used as a reply to a question or to introduce a declaration: All right, I'll go.
  • adv. Without a doubt: It's cold, all right.

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  • adj. good; in acceptable, if not excellent condition
  • adj. In good health, unharmed.
  • adv. fairly well
  • adv. Most certainly; for sure.
  • interj. Used to affirm, indicate agreement, or consent.
  • interj. Used to indicate support, favor or encouragement.
  • interj. Used to fill space or pauses.
  • interj. Used as a general lead-in or beginning.
  • interj. Used to express exasperation or frustration, often with already.
  • interj. Used as a greeting, roughly equivalent to how are you

from the GNU version of the Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • adj. satisfactory; better than average.

from WordNet 3.0 Copyright 2006 by Princeton University. All rights reserved.

  • adv. in a satisfactory or adequate manner
  • adj. being satisfactory or in satisfactory condition
  • adv. without doubt (used to reinforce an assertion)
  • adv. an expression of agreement normally occurring at the beginning of a sentence


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  • Carl was deranged marine sniper, Carl was combat-shocked vet, Carl was crazed gunman, Carl was disappointed, depressed soldier, in the words of a prominent newspaper in New York that thought it was all right to call marines soldiers.

    A Bob Lee Swagger eBook Boxed Set

  • He'd be all right with a little rest, but sometimes, after a more severe ordeal by snow and silence, a man would come out crazy as-they had a word for it here-as a shitepoke, the big awkward heron that seemed to have no sense at all.

    Manuscript Draft: Walter Reed: Doctor in Uniform, by Laura Wood, [19 -- ]

  • Everything all right with you and Robert? she finally asked.

    Music in The Night

  • If we were all right here we are doing just what we should do: staying out of sight until things quiet down and that down-state man pulls out.

    Hemingway on Hunting

  • Reception of administration by a chapter without such letters brings excommunication reserved to the pope, together with privation of the fruits of the benefice; and the nominee loses ipso facto all right to the prelacy.

    The Catholic Encyclopedia, Volume 12: Philip II-Reuss

  • Generally speaking, it is all right to communicate with the people in your subdepartment.


  • I started for the door when he asked, “Is everything all right with Telleo?”

    Raven Rise

  • “This young man . . . or I guess I should say angel, said my grandbaby is all right and they lied,” she said quietly, glancing up at Isda.

    Surrender the Dark

  • Then he asserted with awkward gallantry that the lady should have the bed-he would do all right with the mules - and went to the stable for the night.

    Manuscript Draft: Walter Reed: Doctor in Uniform, by Laura Wood, [19 -- ]

  • He reported to us afterward that as the elevator descended, Jane Muskie told her husband that it was all right if he quit the campaign; maybe they could go home and have another baby.

    No Excuses


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