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  • n. An advocate of or a participant in anarchism.

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  • n. One who believes in or advocates the absence of hierarchy and authority in most forms (compare anarchism), especially one who works toward the realization of such.
  • n. One who disregards laws and social norms as a form of rebellion against authority.
  • n. By extension from previous sense, one who promotes chaos and lawlessness; a nihilist.
  • n. One who resents outside control or influence on his or her life, in particular a government, and therefore desires the absence of political control.
  • adj. Relating to anarchism or to anarchists.

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  • n. An anarch; one who advocates anarchy of aims at the overthrow of civil government.

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  • n. Properly, one who advocates anarchy or the absence of government as a political ideal; a believer in an anarchic theory of society; especially, an adherent of the social theory of Proudhon. See anarchy, 2.
  • n. In popular use, one who seeks to overturn by violence all constituted forms and institutions of society and government, all law and order, and all rights of property, with no purpose of establishing any other system of order in the place of that destroyed; especially, such a person when actuated by mere lust of plunder.
  • n. Any person who promotes disorder or excites revolt against an established rule, law, or custom. See anarch and nihilist.

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  • n. an advocate of anarchism


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From French anarchiste, from Ancient Greek ἀναρχία (anarkhia) from the roots ἀν- (an-, "without") + ἀρχή (arkhe, "rule").


  • Tucker was famously strict in applying the term anarchist — he argued that professedly anti-statist communists such as Johann Most or the Haymarket martyrs were not in fact anarchists, but only governmentalists of a different stripe who had illegitimately appropriated the term from the proponents of individual property and free markets.

    Rad Geek People’s Daily – 2007 – December – 01

  • Deborah Orr has mistakenely udes the word 'anarchist' as a synonym for 'criminal' which is accepted without question these days , yet is so ignorant, wrong and mistaken.

    The Guardian World News

  • I remember being shocked by her transformation from rich sheltered white girl to gun-totin 'anarchist (despite the fact it was clear in many of the surveillance tapes from banks and the like that she was as much a victim as the bank tellers).

    Patty vs. Tania

  • As the title states, Emma Goldman, famous feminist anarchist, is the focus of the collection.

    Creating, Managing & Pres. Dig. Assets: Emma Goldman Papers

  • [Anyone planning to use the Anarchist Cookbook should note that the title does not specify which end of the cooking process the anarchist is on.]

    Another Day in the Ketchup Mine

  • He has been called an anarchist, a socialist, a nationalist, a proto-fascist, an anti-Semite, a conman, a self-centered egotist, an animal rights advocate, a vegetarian, and a wife-stealing womanizer.

    The Pawprints of History

  • I doubt my definition of anarchist will be matching up to the impossible ideals of the police though.

    The Guardian World News

  • The word anarchist has become lazy shorthand for anyone who wants to bring about disorder and upheaval.

    The Guardian World News

  • In more concrete terms, this relationship has been expressed in the spreading our printed spokesman has been having, of which we are proud to say (and encourages us!) that has been the most widely distributed Latin American anarchist newspaper in the continent in recent times; since their

    Anarchist news dot org - News for anarchists and their friends

  • Should we even use the word anarchist in anarchist cafe or just call it cafe, it could turn people away?

    LA IMC


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