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  • n. androstenedione

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • n. An element in many compound words of Greek origin, meaning man, and hence masculine, male; especially, in botany (also terminally, -androus, -ander, -andria), with reference to the male organs or stamens of a flower. See -androus.


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  • "For Deborah, anything remotely short of butch-femme seems silly, icky, neutered. “One of my really good friends was like, ‘If I was going to be with a girl, I would want to be with a girl like you, Deb,’ �? she continues. “And I’m like, ‘You’re sweet, but a lot of the girls who are totally like me wouldn’t ever in a million years sleep with you.’ Ever. I don’t want to fuck myself. What kind of balance is that? And the whole b-o-i business, I’m like, what the fuck? What does that mean? In one respect I thought it meant a little bit butch of center, slightly more andro, with this whole tweezed-eyebrow business that makes me want to puke.�?"

    New York Magazine, Where the Bois Are, by Ariel Levy, January 5, 2004

    September 9, 2008